The Reasons Why My Kids Are Continuing Swimming Lessons in The Winter

The Reasons Why My Kids Are Continuing Swimming Lessons in The Winter

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Last week a friend came over to meet the baby and as she was leaving tightly bundled up, one of my kids mentioned that they had swimming lessons the next day. She looked dismayed and looked me and asked: “In this weather?” It was 6 degrees out that day but I reminded her that they weren’t going to be swimming at the beach. I have to admit that in the past, my perceptions of the kids taking swimming lessons in the winter were quite similar to my friend’s so I wanted to share a few reasons why I decided to keep my kids in swimming lessons in the winter:

It’s an indoor activity.

My number one reason for continuing swimming through our cold New York winter is it’s an indoor activity. During these harsh cold days, there aren’t many activities that my kids can enjoy but swimming is one since it’s indoors. The pool area at Goldfish Swim School is always 90 degrees and the changing rooms are also very warm. The kids don’t ever feel cold there, as a matter of fact, my daughter said she felt like she was in a jacuzzi during her last visit.

Prevent regression.

As I’ve shared before my kids have progressed a great deal since they started swimming lessons last July, it would hurt to see them regress or worst not be very comfortable when we travel during the summer.


The past few weeks, we’ve had temperatures in New York that were mostly under 35 degrees and it’s so cold that the kids can’t exercise as much as they’re used to so taking them to swimming gets them necessary exercise. Besides their swimming lessons, we take them to the family swim hours which they love as they get to play and have fun in the pool.

Continuing swimming during the winter works well for our family. Of course, we make sure to dress the kids appropriately for the weather as they go to and from the pool. It’s really important to me to see them continue to learn more about water safety and improve their swimming skills and that’s more important than what season they learn in.

Do your kids continue swimming in the winter?

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