Three Kids Easier Than Two Kids for Me

Three Kids Easier Than Two Kids

People always ask me what it was like going from two to three kids! The assumption is usually that it’s hard, but for me, this transition while challenging wasn’t as hard as going from one to two kids. I heard friends say this before but didn’t understand it until now. On face value, it doesn’t make sense. Going from two to three kids is more little humans to care for but here are the reasons I think three kids easier than two kids for me:

The age gap is wider.

I always wanted my kids to be in close in age so they could grow up together. My first two kids are two years and ten months apart. When my son was first born my daughter was a toddler, she had been my baby used to all of my attention and it’s hard to get a toddler to understand having to split that time, but as I shared in this post back at the time, we made it through that stage. They both needed me at that stage for everything, and so it was a physically grueling time for me. This time around, both of them can do just about everything for themselves. My daughter is seven years older than her sister, and my son is four years older. They were both enrolled in school and with their own lives. More importantly, they were old enough to understand that the baby needed a bit more attention and while they let me know when they needed me, I didn’t have the same struggles I had with my oldest when her brother was born. That said, I don’t regret having my first two so close together because being so close in age makes it easy for them to be friends and to have a good time together. But they’re still close enough in age with their sister to enjoy playing with her.


Three Kids Easier than Two

More hands and eyes to help.

My husband is very hands on so I’ve always had help from him but when I had my third child my older two kids sprung into action helping all the time. I can always depend on them for a little help with the baby. When we got home from the hospital, my son appointed himself my little diaper changing helper. He loves to get my diaper and supplies to change his sister. He holds her hand while I change her or make her laugh with his silly faces. You know what, this led to a natural bond, and now the baby looks around for him whenever there is a diaper change. They have a sweet bond, and it’s beautiful to watch. It’s been tough to stop him from trying to carry her, one day I caught him struggling to carry her in the hallway. My older daughter is big enough to carry her, so that’s their thing, she loves to cuddle with her, and that’s their sisters magic. My older daughter usually holds or keeps an eye on her in her crib if I have to take a quick shower or so. I don’t ask her to do this regularly because I’ve sensed that it can be a bit much for her at times if the baby starts crying for me. I try to be very mindful, and I appreciate whenever she can help.

Three Kids Easier than TwoIt’s OUR baby.

While my older kids felt like my husband’s baby and me. This baby feels like the family’s baby. We all waited for her to get here and we’re all happy and excited to have her ad part of our family.

What was it like adding a new baby to your family?


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