5 Ways To Protect Your Children’s Skin From The Sun

5 Ways To Protect Your Children’s Skin From The Sun

I can guarantee you one thing and one thing only, there will be plenty of sunny days ahead. I’m not the weatherman, a psychic or a scientist but I have eyes and the seasons are changing and well things are getting brighter. Literally! With brighter, longer and warmer days comes more outdoor activities and more sun exposure for our little pumpkins. It’s important for babies to get out and explore the world around them but as parents, we must ensure that we protect their thin skin from the sun. A baby’s skin is much more susceptible to the (sometimes dangerous) effects of the sun so I decided to share 5 ways that I protect my children’s skin.

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1. Stroller Canopy/ Umbrella

When my kids were under 6 months of age, I kept them out of the sun as much as possible following the advice of their pediatrician. I didn’t keep them locked up in the house after all babies need fresh air. Whenever we went out for a walk I used a canopy sunshade on my stroller. I gave a review of the one that I have here. If a stroller cover isn’t an option for you, a light cotton blanket or umbrella are good alternatives.

How to protect babies skin from sun

2. Sunscreen

Now that my son is older and able to wear sunscreen we’ve been using California Baby Broad-spectrum Sunscreen. Actually, I’ve been using this product on my daughter for the past three summers and I’ve never had any issues with it. It is completely allergy-free, organic and chemical-free. My only grievance is that it does make my kids a bit purple if I use too much. A small amount goes a long way and although it’s expensive it’s so thick that you use much less than cheaper brands. Sunscreen is a product that if your child is allergic using the wrong brand can cause severe reactions so I try to stay cautious. This product is completely natural and very safe for your baby’s skin. However, if you or your kids are allergic to zinc (the active ingredient in sunscreen) you can make an effective DIY sunscreen  with an even mixture of coconut oil and Shea butter.

PS: Don’t forget to check the instructions on the sunscreen package for age recommendations, expiration dates and to ensure you’re using it effectively!

3. Stay out of the sun during peak period

The sun rays are harshest between the hours of 10am and 2 pm so avoid taking your kids, especially babies out into the direct sun during those times. I try to head to the playground early in the morning or in the afternoon. We do indoor activities during the peak hours and head back out later. This is not always possible and if your kids are in daycare or preschool you should check their schedule to determine what times they go outside. One tip would be to apply sunscreen to your child when you drop them off. Most teachers would reapply in the afternoon if you make that request. Leave a tube of sunscreen in your child’s cubby at school/daycare. This will also come in handy if you spontaneously decide to do some outdoor activity  after picking them up.

Sun protection for kids

4. Cover baby with a sunhat

Hats are just about the best way to keep the sun out of your face. Finding a sunhat for a baby is very easy. Almost every store sells cool hats for babies but getting your baby to keep the hat on may be a big challenge. Remember that hats can be uncomfortable so if your baby keeps pulling a hat off try another style, brand, material to determine if comfort is an issue.

5. Sunglasses

While my daughter hated hats, she loved wearing sunglasses as a baby. Sunglasses are really good way to protect your baby’s eyes from the sun. As someone whose suffered sun damage to my eyes. I know firsthand how important this is. Ensure that your baby’s sunglasses aren’t too tight because it can cut behind the baby’s ears also, make sure that it provides UVA, UVB and UVC protection.

Once you’ve covered your bases, don’t worry about the sun too much. Go ahead and enjoy your children and the warm weather.

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