How To Make A Tutu Easter Basket


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How to make a tutu basket

As I mentioned last week, My daughter loves a good Easter Egg hunt during the spring. Our family always have a blast but we’ve encountered the same problem for the past two years. My daughter’s basket gets confused with other kids baskets. To most adults, this isn’t a big deal but it’s major for little kids. To eliminate any confusion and ensure that our easter egg hunt is nothing but fun this year, I decided to make my daughter a special Easter egg basket. Not only is there no way her basket will get mixed up with another child’s basket, the basket I made fits her personality perfectly. She’s is fancy, girly, fashionable and fun.

My daughter loves a pretty tutu so I also wanted to add that element to the basket. I made her a Disney Junior Sofia The First Tutu Basket. Now, I’ll admit this basket took me a few hours to complete but it’s so pretty I believe it was worth every minute.  I know that I am not the only mom with a fancy princess twirling around the house, so I wanted to share this DIY so your girls can have a fancy basket too.

How to make a tutu basket

To make your tutu easter basket you’re going to need:

Tulle I used lavender and white with glitter, of course but you can use as many colors as you like and different color palettes, of course.


Of course, you will need a basket. You can purchase a new basket or recycle one you already own.





1. Cut tulle into pieces 14 1/2 inches by 4 inches long.


2. Group into pieces of three. I used 2 white pieces and one lavender piece.

3. Insert the tulle grouping into the spaces at the top of the basket.


4. Pull about 4 inches in and they make a knot on the inside of the basket.


5. Repeat this process until you have inserted the groups of tulle on the entire circumference of the basket.

6. Next, I packed the basket with Princess Sofia Easter goodies and toys but of course you can use any theme that your child loves.


When my son came home and saw the basket he said “WOW! WOW!” so now I’m going to have to make him a custom basket too.


I hope you enjoy #DisneyEaster with this adorable basket. If you make one, please tag me @rattlesandheels so I can re-share your post.  Also, feel free to pin it to your DIY board to make on the weekend 🙂

Do you make custom Easter baskets for your children?

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