How I Add A Little Zing to My Morning

How I Add A Little Zing to My Morning


What are mornings like without a little ZING? Blah, totally blah and I’m not really interested in having blah mornings. As a busy mom, I need to add a little ZING to my mornings to get them going in a positive way. So how do I do that?

I shared a bit about my morning routine a few weeks ago, and since many of you commented about the fact that I wake up super early I wanted to share more of how I add a little zing to my day:


Soon as my alarm goes off and I climb out of bed, I head to the bathroom to shower. It’s also the last thing that I do before bed so it’s basically back-to-back showers. I like to use an invigorating body wash in the morning.


Getting dressed sends the message to my brain that I am not going back to bed. Now that I have kids, it’s important for me to take advantage of this time to get a little bit fancy before the kids wake up.

Morning Tea

I love the experience of making my morning tea, as I child I loved watching my grandmother prepare tea. Back in Grenada, having a cup of morning tea is part of our culture and it’ll be hard to find a home where tea isn’t served with breakfast.


To make my morning tea, I add two tea bags along with freshly boiled water to my favorite teapot. These days, I can’t have enough of mango black tea. Then, I let my tea brew for about five minutes. My next and favorite step is to pour myself a cup and add Born Sweet® Zing™ Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener.


I love adding Zing™ Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener because it gives the perfect sweet taste without a funny aftertaste, with zero calories. I also like to sprinkle it over my fruits, in coffee and other yummy snacks.




While I sip on my tea, I write in my gratitude journal for a few minutes. I write down the things that I am must grateful to have in my life. These can be very simple like peace, a long night’s rest or a new milestone in my children’s life. Sometimes, I use this time to write out thank you notes to people who have looked out for me. Writing down the things that I am grateful to have puts some zing in my attitude and sets the tone for an awesome day.



So that’s how I ensure that my mornings are amaZING. How do you add some zing to your mornings?


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