The Princess Fairy Loves Zara Kids Style


Let’s chat about The Princess Fairy’s personal style! When I found out that I was pregnant with a girl I was really excited to dress her up and do her hair in styles that “I” liked or really wanted as a kid. We all do that right? I didn’t think I would have the authority to style her hair or pick her clothes over the age 8 or 9 but my daughter is having a say much earlier than I expected just shy of 5 years old. She even has stores where she particularly likes to shop. Mr. Rattles will say she needs a job, but I’m happy that my girl has style. Right now, The Princess Fairy is all about Zara Kids. Recently, we went to the mall and she exhaled that we finally were in her “favorite” store and she ran straight to a dress that caught her eyes.


This mustard 70’s inspired lace dress was just screaming her name and I know exactly how she felt when she saw that perfect dress.

The thing is I don’t always buy the dress or shirt that catches my daughter’s fancy but that day it was in the budget and we were looking for a dress and well I was proud. I had a total “that’s my girl moment” as I watched her hug her dress while we waited on line to pay for it.

This emerging personal style of The Princess Fairy is interesting to me and I’m fascinated to watch the evolution of her wardrobe as she gets more involved (note I said involved), we’re not going to get too carried away.

zara kids style


Anyway, she enjoyed herself in this dress. She danced, she posed and she slept the entire way home in it. The same thing, we do in our favorite dresses from our favorite stores.


What is your child’s personal style? Do you let them pick out their own clothes?

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