Tips For your child’s first day of school

Tips For your child’s first day of school

The first day of school is bittersweet for so many kids and parents especially those entering Pre-K and Kindergarten. Most kids surprise their parents when they go from super excited to scared on the big day. It can be hard on both you and your child but based on my experience it gets better really quickly. Here are some tips to get you and your child through the first day.

Don’t Linger

The best thing you can do for your child on the first day of school is to walk them off to their classroom or wherever your school allows, introduce them to their new teacher ensure that the teacher knows their name, hug them and kiss them goodbye and walk off confidently. You want to send them the message that you trust the school and they are in good hands. Also, you want to not make other kids whose parents may have to rush off to work uncomfortable by lingering too long. Keep in mind that you’re a stranger to other kids so you may be doing more harm than good. Most teachers and principals will tell you that kids usually calm down once parents are gone. If you must linger, stay out of their view in the hallways or outside the school. Most schools have shorter days for the first week so you will see your kids soon.

tips-to-survive-your-child's-first-dayofschoolDon’t Overpack

There is no need to send your kid in with all the school supplies that were on the list on the first day. I plan to bring in community supplies for the classroom but I know that most of the supplies wouldn’t be needed on the first day and there is no reason to have her going back and forth with so much stuff.

Don’t bring the entire family

I know your parents, in-laws, and bestie wants to see your child in their adorable first day of school outfit but please don’t bring your entire extended family on the first day of school. It’s going to make it very uncomfortable for the other kids and harder for your kid to leave all the people he/she loves to be with a bunch of new kids and teachers. Send them photos,  video chat with them on the way to share nice messages but don’t bring them all. Maybe you can have a celebration at home after.

long corridor of a nursery with the decorations hung on walls

Take photos after school

Okay, so this is based on my own experience. Last year, I tried to take photos of my daughter before school and we were rushing to get her there on time so the photos weren’t great. I decided to take more after I picked her up and they were perfect. This year, I’m definitely waiting until I pick her up to take photos.

Get to the school at least 30 minutes before pickup

Carpool lines can be really long on the first day of school since most parents take the day off so there will probably more cars than usual for pick up. Try to get there as early as possible to avoid getting stuck on the line. Same goes for drop-off, try to go as early as possible.

Focus on your child not yourself

The first day of school is harder on some parents than it is on their kids. Don’t let your worries and anxieties interfere with your child. Check in with them to see how they are doing and if they are enjoying their first day at school and don’t rant about how much you missed them and how awful it was for you.

Anyway, these are just some tips from my experience that I hope would help you deal with your child’s first day of school.

What are your tips for the first day of school?


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