Avoid Cross-Contamination With Food Allergies|PRINTABLE



Ι remember a few years ago when my daughter was first diagnosed with food allergies and my world stopped. I wanted to protect her and ensure that she never came into contact with any of the food that she was allergic too. Although,  I love raw almonds and crunchy peanut butter I tossed my stash into a large garbage bag as soon as we got back home with the results. Then, I went ahead to notify everyone who visited our home to never bring the new enemy foods around EVER!

Making sure that she was safe was my top priority both then and now. The wonderful thing is that as she is getting older she is responsible and understands her allergies. That doesn’t mean that I am not as proactive because as smart as she is, I remind myself daily that she is only four years old.

So what does cross contamination really mean in this case? Food allergies can be triggered from very small amounts of food particles left on utensils or surfaces so it’s important to be mindful and aware of what was made in your kitchen at all time. This means that you have to be careful, mindful and organized.

Anyway, I wanted to make a printable that you can use as a guide for safely preparing foods in your home that your child is allergic to.You can download this printable and keep it on your fridge or give it to family members who babysit your child.

Tips for avoiding cross-contamination


I know that some of you have more than one child with food allergies with them having different allergies so I would love to hear how you ensure to avoid food contamination.

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