Becoming A Stronger Mom




I’ve never been an athletic girl! Although, I loved sports as a kid, sports never liked me. I was never chosen to compete on a team even though I always wanted to be. Actually, I remember this one time that I was chosen to play on my school’s team and I was super happy. I remember going home and ironing my team’s uniform and really looking forward to my game the next day. Well, that night the coach called to inform me that they found another player and that I would need to return my uniform ASAP. I did what any smart 10 year old would do, I pretended to be sick the next day and stayed at home so I wouldn’t have to return the uniforms. Was it really that serious that they couldn’t of allowed me to play? I doubt it but it definitely bothered me for a long time after. I felt like a weak girl  not only physically but also mentally and as the years went by I got further and further away from sports.

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However within the past 5 years, my body has exhibited some impressive strength. From pregnancy to child birth, I started to view my body in a new positive light. So much so, I worked hard to the shed the excess weight I gained during my pregnancies and succeeded.

I did really well sticking to my workout routine for a long time but as soon as I got thrown off my groove, I lost focus and all my hard work reversed. This haven’t happened once, or twice. It’s happened three, four, five times. It’s a struggle but I am confident I can become more consistent if I really get focused.

So here are some of my current goals:

  • Exercise for at least 20 minutes everyday.
  • Do exercises that I enjoy.
  • Find an exercise buddy.
  • Get outdoors this month.
  • Find new exciting classes.
  • Run as often as I can.
  • Get cute workout clothes.
  • Say daily healthy affirmations.

I was going to do this challenge privately, but I felt that it would be great for accountability to share it here on the blog. Maybe I can inspire one some you to join in with me so we can do this together and support each other.


Do you exercise? How regularly? What type of exercises?

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