The World Through My Toddler’s Eyes with Nesquik


The Super Knight is now 2 1/2 years old, he’s right in the midst of one of the most feared ages of children. Most people refer to this stage as terrible twos, I personally like to use the term “terrific twos”. You see, I’m more experienced this time around with toddlers. At this age, his brain is developing mega fast, ahead of his emotional and physical development. 2-year-olds know more than they’re able to express and that frustrates them which sometimes leads to tantrums. For the past 6 months, I’ve taken the approach to view the world through my son’s eyes. Of course, I am a grown-up and I would never fully see the world the way that he sees it. However, I try to get on his level, talk to him and let him lead the conversation to see what’s on his little mind, offer different options to help him express what he wants to do and help him actualize his little plans.

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For instance, my son loves to build things, he plays well with his sister but he gets more creative when she’s at school and he could build all of his cool ideas without having to collaborate with her.  Lately, he’s been obsessed with The Lion Guard so he tries to build the characters that he sees on the show like the hyenas.


I like to take advantage of breakfast to play and eat with him. We chat and I ask him questions, practice saying different new words and discussing their meanings.


We usually have breakfast after The Princess Fairy is at school, it’s our way of bonding in the beginning of the day together. Since he loves chocolate milk, it’s not unusual for him to request it so I keep Nesquik Chocolate Powder handy. I think Nesquik Chocolate Powder is a good choice because it contains 7 essential vitamins and minerals, no artificial colors and flavors. Now, that it’s currently cold and flu season, it helps that Nesquik Chocolate Powder has vitamin C to build up his immune system.

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I’m happy that I adopted this approach of viewing the world through my toddler’s eyes since he can now lead me to his interests, he’s more creative is able to come up with solutions removing some of his two-year-old frustrations.

How do you help your child navigate the “terrific twos”?

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