The Truth About My Second Big Chop

My Second Big Chop

I finally ready to share the truth about my second big chop! My Second Big Chop StoryMy Second Big Chop StoryEvery fall and winter I struggle with my natural hair! A quick wash and go in the summer turns into the nightmare of holding a blowdryer in my hand forever trying to diffuse my hair, sitting under a hairdryer long enough to get backaches and still going out with it semi-wet. My hair has always taken a long time to dry, even when it was relaxed. Over the last year, one thing I had less and less of was time to dry it. Now that I have three little kids, I found myself either wearing a hat or my hair was undone and messy way too often. After trying hard to maintain my curls and failing over and over, I decided that it would be best to just cut it. I wanted to look and feel chic not shabby on a daily basis and not just on the days when I had time to dry it. I had tried alternatives like braid-outs and twist-out but they never worked for my hair or lifestyle. I needed to cut it, at least for this season in my life, I needed the freedom of short hair.

Second Big Chop

I didn’t know where to start though, my first big chop 8 years ago is now a blur in my memory. I was so focused on growing my natural hair that I totally missed out on loving my short hair, I wanted things to be different for my second big chop. After spending countless hours on Pinterest, looking for inspiration I decided that I wanted a tapered cut, an edgy haircut, and highlights felt perfect for my personality.

I was so excited that I literally skipped into the salon but my hair cut looked way too basic for me. It didn’t look like a tapered cut and I was really disappointed. Fortunately, the salon had an adjustment period and I was able to take advantage of that time to get my hair exactly the way I wanted it. My stylist did an amazing job the second time around and I love the cut now.

That said, doing a second big chop was such a drastic change that I am still adjusting to it. I hate to think of myself as one of those girls who is attached to their hair but I guess I’m more attached than I cared to admit to myself. I can’t say I fully regret cutting my hair because it looks good more often and bad hair days are fewer but I am having a tough time adjusting to not having my hair to frame my face or hide my big head.

I wanted to be transparent about my feelings about my hair, loving the style but sometimes not so much on myself.  I know that I’m not the only woman who feels this way after a first, second or third big chop. However, I am the woman who will push through these feelings and address my insecurities head on because I know this will help my personal development and my two little girls (and son) who are watching.

Second Big Chop

Enough with the deep stuff, I plan to try out different styles and have fun with my hair. I like to joke that I’m too boring when it comes to hair and Rachel Dolezal has worn styles than me. I’m working on changing that and having fun with my hair in 2019.

Have you ever done a big chop? How many times did you do it?

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