5 Tips to Survive Summer Pregnant


My son recently turned 3 and my daughter’s birthday is quickly approaching in September which means that not once but twice I was pregnant in the summer. Not just pregnant but very pregnant, in the third trimester both times. Hormonal, hot and ready to have the baby out of the oven (see what I did there) are not exactly the best combinations but I wanted to share how I survived summer pregnant and hopefully these tips can help  y ou if you’re currently pregnant:

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1. Walk indoors.

My son was born in July and the weeks prior to his birth were extremely hot so instead of walking outdoors I walked indoors. A way to do this without sweating and getting dehydrated in the heat is to walk your local mall. Just going in and out of stores, up and down, stairs will give you all exercise that you need without the dangers of being out in extreme heat.

2. Cut maternity jeans into Maternity shorts.

Gosh, with the hot days it was important to have the most comfortable clothing. For me, it was getting out of jeans that made me feel sweaty and stuffed. I wanted maternity shorts but I couldn’t justify purchasing them to wear for only a few weeks so I decided to convert my jeans into shorts. This may not be ideal for everyone but I lucked out on maternity jeans on sale at H&M during both of my pregnancies so cutting them didn’t affect my investment.

3. Splurge on pedicures

While I was pregnant I could barely see my toes much less give myself a pedicure. The times that I made the attempt it turned out to be a complete disaster. Just relax and let someone else do the pedicure, whether it’s the salon, a friend or better yet daddy-to-be.

4. Naps

There’s something about hot days that makes us all long for naps. During my first pregnancy, I would literally sleep all day long. By the time I was pregnant with my second child I no longer had that luxury but I made sure to enjoy as many naps as possible.

5. Steer clear of baking

My hormones made heat feel several times worst than it actually was so baking anything was out of the question. Enjoy salads and other foods that don’t require you to be sweating over a hot stove on a summer day.

Were you pregnant in the summer?


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