Amazon Off-The-Shoulder Jumpsuit

Amazon Off-The-Shoulder Jumpsuit [Tweet “Mom Style: @amazon Off-The-Shoulder Jumpsuit Romper”]

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So a few nights ago, I got caught up working on a campaign and late night turned into early morning and before I knew it, it was daylight and I was still up. You know what happens when you work that long, you forget to do other things and I realized that I forgot to place an order for some things I needed to celebrate The Super Knight’s birthday (more on that soon) so I hopped on good ‘ole Amazon (because I can’t let that Amazon Prime fee go to waste). Anywho, I got what I needed and started to browse around and before I knew it I found myself staring at this cute off-the-shoulder jumpsuit . I quickly skimmed through the 22 reviews and decided to buy it one size up. My issue with jumpsuit/rompers is usually that they are too short for me. I am 5’7″ so it’s important that the length is a good fit for my height.  A few people shared that they were also my height so I decided to give it a shot. This  jumpsuit is inexpensive (which is good since it’s very trendy) and I figured there was really nothing to lose so I ordered it.


I wore it to play mini golf with my family and it was really comfortable. I think purchasing it a size bigger was a really wise decision. I love the stripes and how cool it kept me on a very hot summer day even though it’s long sleeved.

Off-The-Shoulder Jumpsuit Romper

What I didn’t care for was how tight the elastic were at the cuffs. It didn’t bother me initially but after wearing this jumpsuit for 6 hours I started to worry that my circulation would be cut off. I’ve decided that I will ask my mom to slacken the elastic.

I plan to wear it again when I head to the Caribbean in the fall…I know it will be perfect for the beach.

ETA: Your eyes are not deceiving you. I did cut my hair….here’s a closer look.


Outfit details: Jumpsuit – Amazon

Shoes: Sperry slip- on sneakers courtesy of Orvis

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