We All Need a Wing Woman

We All Need a Wing Woman

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 Moms, do you have a wing woman in your life? A wing woman is a lady who is always willing to fuel you with strength on the days and times when you need it most.  Maybe you have one or two or maybe even an entire crew of wing women.


For me, my wing woman has evolved over the years, as I have, and I am grateful for that. From my partying pal who was there to swoop in and save me from weird guys at the club in my partying days to my mama pal who you can catch me rolling, stroller deep to the park with our kids in tow always ready to share  snacks when the kids complain they’re hungry.

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One thing that I know for sure is that a true wing woman has a special power…, she can instinctively tell what you need at any given moment to get you through any challenge that comes your way.

My favorite wing woman moment occurred after a crazy flight while I was pregnant with my second child. My daughter was a toddler at the time and she was throwing a tantrum because she wanted me to carry her instead of pushing her in her stroller. My friend who was picking us up from the airport, walked up behind us and her voice so calming that it stopped my daughter who was screaming at the top of her lungs. My friend got down to her height and chatted with her, totally changing my daughter’s mood and making her feel safe and comfortable again. Not only did she do that, but she helped me with my luggage and got my daughter settled in the car for our ride from the airport. My daughter was completely calm for the rest of the night.


I was reminded of this when I saw this video for the new Teva Women’s Health “Wing Woman” campaign. My favorite part of the video was when the mom was driving with her daughter and having a conversation about the kid wanting a sibling and a policewoman acts as her wing woman pulling her over in time before the conversation gets too stressful on the mom. I’m sure as moms we’ve all been in that sticky situation before and can relate.

Who is your wing woman?


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