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A few months ago my oldest came home from school really upset after her teacher showed her class a video about the impact of plastic waste on the environment. She was really bothered by this information and it broke my heart when she said “Mommy, why isn’t anyone doing anything to fix this?” I assured her that there are a lot of people, organizations, and brands who do care and are doing their best but we all have to make lifestyle changes and that can be challenging. Of course conversations like that meant that I had to make some changes in our home and as I mentioned on Earth Day I’m starting small to not overwhelm myself and give up easily. Honestly, I had very little ideas on how to start so I was really happy when I learned of the TerraCycle Loop NYC pilot program and I immediately signed up to participate in.

What is TerraCycle Loop program?

We all have those holy grail products that our home can’t function without — whether it’s beauty products, daily vitamins, and cleaning products. These products are part of our lifestyle and it would be difficult to stop using them. Well, to provide a simple solution the TerraCycle Loop program is a partnership with our favorite brands to provide those products in reusable packaging. We just order a Loop tote with all of the products we need, we will use them, and when we’re finished the packaging is picked up to be prepared for reuse. Simple right?


Using Febreze ONE through the Loop Program

I was happy that Loop partnered with P&G in particular because I was able to order products that my family uses on a daily basis including Febreze ONE. As I mentioned last year, I’m a big fan of Febreze ONE to keep my home smelling great because it doesn’t contain any heavy perfumes, dyes, or propellants and it’s very effective at eliminating the odors in the air and on fabrics that come with having three very active children in our home. Making a lifestyle change without having to suffer through the trial and error period of finding products to replace our favorites is a big relief. I was happy to report to my daughter that Febreze is one of the brands that do care and are committed to the environment. Febreze is already a pre-existing part of the TerraCycle recycling program has recycled more than 1 million pieces of Febreze packaging from landfills worldwide.

Our Experience participating in the Terracyle Loop Program.

Ordering was as easy as selecting Febreze ONE and some of our other favorite products like Gillette Venus, Cascade, Tide purclean and more. When I opened up our Loop tote, I was really impressed with the premium reusable packaging that was easy to store and looked great in our home. Febreze ONE for instance still has the easy-press trigger I’m used to but it can be used with replaceable refill packs. When the products were done, the kids were happy to help us put all the used packaging back into the LOOP tote and flip the shipping label for it to be picked up.

This program really proved my point to my 8-year-old that there are people who do care about the environment and we can do our part to reduce waste and practice sustainability. It truly starts at home and we will feel the snowball effect as we naturally move those practices beyond our homes into our communities.

The TerraCycle Loop Program is only an NYC pilot program at the moment limited to a select group of consumers for now so depending on where you live, you may not have access to the Loop platform at this time but if you live elsewhere you can start making changes by using brands like Febreze that’s committed to recycling.

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