Mother Funder’s Shayzon Prince Beauty & Fashion Tips for Moms

Shayzon Prince

When it comes to motherhood there are many roles to juggle but it’s all possible if you’re a woman like Shayzon Prince. Shayzon is one of the stars of the new reality tv show Mother Funders. After chatting over the phone with Shayzon for this interview, she is also my best friend in my head. Her energy was incredibly fun, creative and generous. She had a really great sense of humor which makes me really excited to watch the show. 

Shayzon Prince

First, more about Shayzon:

Shayzon is a Celebrity Makeup Artist, Style Expert in addition to running her personal lifestyle brand CHICified. She’s the mother of two children, her son is 14 years old and her daughter is 11 years old.  She’s been married for 15 years. She’s a busy mom but she calls it “good busy.”

How did she get involved in her kids PTO (Parent Teachers Organization?

She’s a self-professed helicopter mom “I take my role as a mom very seriously. Any schooling or extracirricular activity.” She was always at the school and activities and soon became curious as to in what ways she could be more helpful. She started doing story time in the class room and it was a domino effect from there. Soon, she started to notice that the school needed additional support from the outside and jumped in to see how she could make a difference. Once she saw how her kids lit up when she was involved, she was inspired to keep asking “how can I help?” more.

How Shayzon balances family, career and your role as VP of the PTO?

“The balancing act is a continuous process. No one tells you there is no outlines. Learning through trial error, prayer, and more prayer!”  She focus on prioritizing based on position. She is Wife, then mommy and everything else falls into place after her family.

It’s important to Shayzon to be involved in all of these because she wants to be an example to her kids. She wants them to see that Mommy still makes time to spend with them. She ensures that she spends quality time with them. She believes that there is a misconception that parents need to buy their kids stuff or to take them out to make them happy.

What are her tips for busy moms who want to improve their daily look?

Shayzon believes that moms should get rid of the intimidation that time and money are necessary to look great on a daily basis. She encourages other moms to take a few minutes to take care of themselves.

3 beauty products Shayzon would suggest moms invest in?

Mascara, Lipgloss and blotting powder. Also, she emphasized the importance of ensuring that your eyebrows are always properly done.

Shayzon tips for gorgeous summer skin.

She believes that it’s important to wear moisturizer and don’t give into the temptation of not using moisturizing in fear that it will make skin oily. The opposite is actually the truth. She also recommended tinted moisturizer.

Here’s a tip from Shayson:  “Tint your moisturizer with liquid foundation. That would give you an even completion. Just tap your liquid foundation into your moisturizer.”

What are Shayzon’s favorite colors for summer?

“White is a great color for summer regardless of complexion.” She also believes that  the joy of summer is that it gives you opportunity to play around with fashion. Bold colors are always a great way to have fun.

Shayzon’s  beauty tips for beach or pool days.

“For beach days and pool days you need a great hat and shades. Bathing suit and a long scarf. Swap a t-shirt or long shirt for a long scarf. You can wear a long scarf around your waist, or higher depending on your comfort and what areas you are subconscious of.” She’s encourages moms to have fun with a long scarf by wearing it different ways to hang out around the pool/beach as a halter, a strapless dress, shirt etc. She reminds us to always remember jewelry at the beach. “Wear two statement pieces. You’ll look chicified.”

You can catch our girl Shayzon on Mother Funders on Bravo Sun 10/9c.


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