5 Tips For Surviving NYC Summers With Huggies Simply Clean Wipes


I had an old friend who used to say that New York City is most beautiful in the winter and most fun in the summer. I can’t think of anything more true. Everyday, there is something fun to do with children here in this amazing city during the summer.  That means, that I am always busy and I must stay prepared. Wipes became one of my good old trusty friends a few years ago when I had my very first child and that haven’t changed since. Although, my days of walking around with pampers are probably coming to an end soon with The Super Knight now potty training himself, my days with wipes are far from over because kids outgrow diapers not messes.

I mentioned earlier this year, that I love Huggies wipes especially their adorable clutches as a busy NYC mom. These days, I am huge fan of Huggies Simply Clean Wipes. I am particularly loving the triple clean layers allowing you to safely use them on your kid’s face, hands and bottom.



So here are 5 tips for surviving NYC summer with Huggies wipes:


1. Keep wipes on hand for potty trained kids to use public bathrooms. If you’re going to be visiting NYC with your children let me go ahead and prevent some culture shock right now. New York City have a population of over 8 million people, let’s add lots of tourists and business travelers and well it’s just lots of people in a very small geographic location. That’s what makes the energy of this amazing city dynamic but it’s also the reason that you’ll find public bathrooms sometimes at their worst. I will admit that in the past few years things have improved but it’s not unusual to find public bathroom that’s dirty and ran out of toilet paper. Make sure you have wipes on hand for those unfortunate moments so you can clean your kiddies up.



2. In my opinion, you can find some of the best playgrounds in New York City. I mean where else in the world can your kids play in the shadows of Wall Street building? or with the most magnificent skyline in front of them. Sometimes playgrounds double as hangout spots for teenagers at night and that can mean random and sometimes questionable things around. I try not to be too paranoid and stick to giving my kids a shower when they get home from playing and washing hands before leaving the park but in the moment I wipe down swings, poles or monkey bars if they look sketchy. That’s where Huggies wipes come in handy. Mr. Rattles caught me red handed last weekend. Walking around the park with the wipes in my hands cleaning the playgound for my kiddies to play. I’m not the least bit embarrassed.




3. As I mentioned, in my post where I shared tips on taking the subway with kids  you can’t ever go wrong with wipes on the Subway. Somehow, those bright train lights puts the little milky mustache above The Super Knight’s mouth that went on blast and having wipes mean I can quickly clean him up. Plus, you just never know what may come up on the Subway, so it’s nice to be prepared.

4. Enjoying the city means meals on the run, whether it’s a snack I packed or a resturant we head to. Wipes come in handy to clean dirty hands, messy mouths and of course spills on their my kids clothing. I’ve noticed that my son, loves to grab onto my clothes the minute that his hands get dirty so I’m constantly armed with wipes to clean my clothes too.


5. Getting around town especially with kids who loves to run in the summer means lots of sweat. Both of my kids clearly didn’t inherit my island girl love for heat. They sweat and complain that they’re hot. The Super Knight is always coming over to me “Mama, I hot!” with sweat dripping down his cheeks or his sister after riding her scooter and taking off her helmet. I use Huggies wipes to clean their little faces and foreheads and cool them down a bit.

What are your favorite uses for wipes besides diaper changes?


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