Mommies Rattle and Roll Link-Up Party #5

Mommies Rattle and Roll Link-Up Party #5

Welcome back for another Rattle and Roll Link-up Party!

Link-up Party

This morning, I am feeling really happy and that puts me in the perfect state of mind to host this party. Want to know why? I’ll tell you anyway.


I really wanted to do something for many years and this year, finally I have the opportunity to do so. However, my intuition is telling me that I shouldn’t, it’s not right for me at this moment. Initially, I resisted because this is something I’ve wanted for a long time but I started to think about all the other times in my life that resisted and forced things. They never turned out well so I decided to listen to my intuition. I didn’t expect it but the minute that I made that decision and I felt empowered and  happy .  Another step to becoming the woman I hope to be one day right? Do you have any stories of your own where you chose to listen to your intuition instead of logic?

Anyway, that aside. Let’s party! Add your links below.

ps: I’ll be featuring one of your fabulous blogs next week.

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