Listening To My Daughter

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One of the things I’ve been training myself to do with my daughter is more listening than speaking. As she grows older (OMGosh she’s going to be 6!) I want her to trust me and know that no matter what she has to say I  would always listen.


The challenging part of this is since she was a baby, I’ve done more talking as I tried to encourage her to express herself. She was the one doing more listening so this is a bit of a role reversal but I think it’s a necessary change as she grows older.


You know what I noticed? The more I listened to her the more she started to share with me. Over the summer we’ve gotten closer and she’s been sharing everything from the way she feels around certain kids to what she likes to wear. She’s no stranger to saying what type of clothes she likes but these days she’s gotten more detailed and she would say if she didn’t like how something fits.


Like most 5-year-olds she loves to play and what’s most important to her is fun colors, soft clothing, and clothes that fit comfortably allowing  to be as active as she likes. Earlier this summer, we were introduced to Kid Pik. Kid Pik’s goal is to provide “personal fashion for girls” you may have heard about their personalized box service but they also have a Kid Pik Basics collection. My daughter picked out this lace cocoon kimono with floral details and super skinny pants from their basics collection. I felt so proud of her as she shared her reasons for picking these pieces (it helped that I loved them).

I am looking forward to learning more about my little girl as I listen and guide her along her life’s journey. I am already extremely proud of her.

Do you intentionally listen to your kids to build trust in your relationship with them?


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