Let Your Hair Down Expo 2014

Let Your Hair Down Expo 2014

Let your Hair Down Expo 3

Can you believe that until last weekend, I had never attended a natural hair expo? It’s not that I never wanted to attend one, it’s just that I always heard about them after they had happened. So I was thrilled when my friend Danielle of OK, Dani invited me to attend the Let Your Hair Down Expo 2014 sponsored by Hairfinity in Brooklyn last Saturday.  Of course, the one time I attend a natural hair event my hair was straightened. I didn’t know that I would leave the expo more knowledgeable about natural hair but I did. I wanted to share a few tidbits from the expo with all of you:


Let you hair down expo Hairfinity
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Kids Natural Hair


The Princess Fairy has been in school for almost one month and her hairlines are much more drier than usual. I’ve been worrying and trying to figure out how to address it and then at the expo, I got the opportunity to speak with Celebrity Hairstylist, Felicia Leatherwood.  Felicia is well respected as an authority in the natural hair community so I knew she would drop some good advice on me. She broke down my daughter’s hair situation for me. School kids sweat  a lot from more activity and warm classrooms on their foreheads and along their hairlines, that salt from the sweat dries out the hair lines so that’s why her hair looks much drier after school. She recommended that I dust ( small trim) her ends regularly and use a moisturizer particularly the Curls Kids  Curly Q’s.

Tweetables from Felicia Leatherwood’s workshop:




 The Curl Whisperer Tameeka 

The second workshop was by my own hairstylist Tameeka of  The Jaded Tresses. Tameeka’s cut my hair for years and she is really awesome with the scissors. I would recommend her to any curly in New York City but if you’re not here, she has a new book  out now with all of her secrets. She did a live wash and go demonstration on tightly curled hair and the crowd was  really impressed. That’s one thing that I like about Tameeka, she’s always willing to educate you about your hair. Last year, she saved me with an amazing hair cut during my postpartum shedding madness.

My first natural hair expo was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to attending more.

Do you attend  natural hair expos?

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