10 Funny Questions My Kids Ask About Pregnancy

10 Funny Questions My Kids Ask About Pregnancy

Since the first day I told my kids that I’m having another baby, they’ve had lots of questions. This is understandable since they’re 4 and almost 7 years old and still don’t understand how human reproduction works. I try my very best to answer their questions as age appropriate as possible but most times my struggle is not to laugh out at their questions. That said, I wanted to share some of the funny questions my kids ask about pregnancy:

Rattles and Heels

  1. How did the baby get in your belly? Did you swallow it?
  2. When you have the baby will your belly make a funny noise (like a balloon) as it goes back down to normal?
  3. How does the baby poop in your belly?
  4.  Could I see the baby if I look inside your throat?
  5. What is the baby wearing?
  6. Mommy, does the baby want milky for breakfast?
  7. Did the baby tell you to tell me anything?
  8. Could you eat that? I don’t think the baby would like it.
  9. Can I play with the baby for a little while? Please.
  10. Mommy, did you hear that? I just heard baby talking. (It was stomach noises).

As you can tell there is no shortage of questions but it’s all love, they enjoy hugging my tummy and calling the baby’s name (we already chose a name).

What funny questions do your kids ask about pregnancy?


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