Diverse Children’s Book: Kayla The Great + Giveaway {Closed}


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Since, the Princess Fairy’s school had early dismissal yesterday instead of heading home we decided to cozy up at our favorite bakery and read while nibbling on macaroons.

kayla-the-greatThe Princess Fairy carries her Kayla The Great And The Magic Red Dress book everywhere in her backpack. She loves Kayla and there is a genuine bond there because Kayla reminds her of herself and her friends. Kayla is a determined and confident little girl like herself. She has the leadership skills and a healthy competitive spirit that we all want to instill in our little girls.


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If you’re not familiar with Kayla The Great and you’re a mother of young children grab seat. Kayla The Great is a book series written by Stephanie Davis, an Atlanta based writer, public relations practitioner and author of the sarcastic lifestyle blog THINKPink. Since, today is Multicultural Children’s Book Day, I wanted to feature a diverse book that I know y’all would love. Especially as rare as diverse books are, it’s important for me to share, share, share. According to a study quoted in the New York Times, in 2013 of 3,200 children’s books published only 93 were about black people. As I mentioned in this post last year, kids sometimes lose a passion for reading when they don’t see themselves and their environment reflected in the books they read. However, reading is fundamental and it’s our job as parents to keep that fire of reading burning in them. That means seeking out diverse books with characters like Kayla The Great. It’s not only important for children of color to read diverse books, it’s important for all kids to read and learn about different cultures. Reading is one of the ways that our children can travel beyond their immediate environment and learn about other cultures and lifestyles.


Since we added Kayla The Great to The Princess Fairy’s library it’s become her first choice for bedtime story, quiet time and to practice her reading (we play lots of word games).  In the book Kayla has an epiphany or aha moment as Oprah famously calls it when she realizes that once she believes in herself she can be successful. That’s my daughter’s favorite part of the story. I see the excitement in her eyes as she celebrates not just for Kayla but for herself, knowing that she can do the same. As we all know illustrations can make or break a children’s book and Kayla The Great is well illustrated. Kids get to see children of different ethnic groups playing together and helping their friends and a glimpse into Kayla’s biracial family.


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It doesn’t hurt that one my daughter’s best friends in her class is named Kayla and the kids in the book have names that reflective of the different cultures represented.

Kayla The Great is now my go-to gift for kids birthday parties. I think every little girl needs a copy of Kayla The Great. Actually, Kayla The Great is a children’s book series and we can’t wait for the release of Kayla The Great Goes To Washington in February 2015.

We love Kayla The Great so much that we are hosting a giveaway of an signed copy of Kayla The Great And The Missing Red Dress. This is a fantastic book to add to your home library.

Learn more about Kayla The great on Kayla The Great website

Kayla The Great Children’s Book Giveaway

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