The I am Every Good Thing children’s book inspires Black boy joy

I Am Every Good Thing Book
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The I am Every Good Thing Children’s Book Inspires Black Boy Joy!

We take Black boy joy seriously around here! My seven-year-old son is bright and happy, and I never want to his light to dim. Two years ago, I bought him Crown: Ode to the Fresh Cut by Peter Barnes and Gordon C. James, and it’s still one of his favorite books in our home library. So when I learned about Barnes and James new book, I am Every Good Thing, I wanted to get him a copy right away.

I am Every Good Thing is a timely book for Black children! This year many of us Black parents were forced to have hard conversations about race and systemic racism with our kids, so we needed this book to restore and affirm Black boy joy. 

Every page of I am Every Good Thing is a beautiful reflection of my son—his ambition, politeness, brilliance, athleticism, and friendliness. These are the type of affirmations I would like for my son to memorize. I want him to always reflect on all of the positive attributes he brings to the world.  

Here’s an excerpt from the book:

I am the undisputed champion. 

I am a highlight reel of magnificence. 

I am the celebration, the applause, 

and the standing ovation. 

I am the victory. 

Such powerful words! 

What I love most about this book is that it allows Black boys to embrace vulnerability. To own that sometimes they may not feel as strong as they usually do but carry themselves with dignity no matter what.

We all know representation matters, and my son loved seeing images that reflected his image in I Am Every Good Thing. The illustrations are beautiful and makes the words even more impactful to him. I loved taking this photo of him because he looks like he can walk right onto the book’s cover.

Don’t be mistaken, though; I am Every Good Thing isn’t a book just for Black children but an excellent book for all children. I’m going to be gifting this book to all of the kids in my life. I think it needs to be in every family’s library and every classroom. We will keep it in heavy rotation at our home to inspire black boy joy and affirm my son. Get your copy now, I am Every Good Thing is available at bookstores!

Did you read the I am Every Good Thing children’s book yet?

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This post is sponsored by Penguin Books. As usual, all opinions are my own.

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