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5 Podcasts for Kids

I’ve been addicted to podcasts since I first discovered them back in 2013. Initially, I stuck to inspirational and educational content, but these days I mix it in with some culture and humor. I plan to share some of my favorites on motherhood but since a few moms DM me on Instagram as I share when I listen to them with my kids on the go in my Instagram stories. I love Podcasts because we learn as a family, it gives us something to focus on, and while it’s modern, it brings back memories of listening to stories on the radio with my grandma as a child. It’s one of the best screen-free activities you can do as a family. I wanted to share five family-friendly podcasts for kids that your little ones are sure to love:

5 Podcasts for Kids

NPR Wow in the World

This is hands down the kid’s favorite podcast, and there are few reasons why they’re always excited to hear a new episode. Firstly, they’re familiar with the hosts. The biggest is their familiarity with the hosts Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz. Mindy is the host of Kids Place Live Backset Club and Guy Raz is ——NPR and does the news segment in Kids Place Live. When they first started this podcast, they announced it on the show, and my kids asked me to subscribe. Wow in the World is a mix of information and fun. Mindy is hilarious, creative and understands how to teach kids in a way that’s exciting.

Story Pirates

My son thinks he lives in a musical, he gets that from me. I like to sing everything although singing isn’t exactly my talent. My son fell in love with Story Pirates the very first episode we listened to in the car. My daughter came around after a few episodes. Story Pirates is a podcast where kids write the stories, and the Story Pirates perform them. It’s quite remarkable and empowering for the kids whose stories get featured. My daughter is writing her story to submit, and I know she would be over the moon if it’s chosen. They also interview the kids at the end of the podcast so they could share their inspiration and more about their lives.

5 Podcasts for Kids

Brains On

If you want your little ones to fall in love with science, Brains On is the podcast for that. My kids love the topics that Brains On cover like Dolphins v. Octopuses and Super-size-asaurus: How did dinosaurs get so big?


Tumble is one of our more recent family-friendly podcasts discoveries. It’s another science-based podcast (Do you see a trend here?) I subscribed after only one episode because the kids loved it.


Last but not least is the Stories podcast. Sometimes we listen to this podcast on weekend nights instead of reading a bedtime story. The stories are always good, and the performances make them fun and exciting.

What are your favorite podcasts for kids?

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