The Modern Mom Guide to Introducing Solids to Baby – Tips, High Chair, Apps & Gear

The Modern Mom Guide to Introducing Solids to Baby – Tips, High Chair, Apps & Gear

This post is in partnership with Oribel. As always, all opinions are my own. 

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When my older daughter was a baby, I made her baby squash for her first food. I was excited about the first time feeding her solids but she immediately spat it all out. Maybe my struggle with mom guilt started at that moment because I felt like I had failed. I tried a few more times until she proved to me that she loved the spoon more than my baby squash. A few days later, I tried again with less enthusiasm but fortunately more luck. She liked my perfectly puréed avocados. Slowly after that, I introduced other foods until she transitioned to table food. Recently, I got to experience that moment again with the baby.  I think we all understand the importance of a good relationship with food so I wanted to share all of my resources from the apps I use to my favorites first foods as well as some tips for introducing solids to baby:

Follow your baby’s lead to know when he/she is ready.

When the baby took an interest in morning oatmeal, I knew she was ready to try solids. She would open her mouth every time I lift my spoon, and the smell of good food seem to get to her as well. I spoke to my pediatrician and she said it was fine to start introducing her to some finely mashed foods.

introducing solids to baby

Get a safe and comfortable highchair for feeding.

When I was researching chairs for this baby, I wanted one that had several reclining positions and had a modern look. I fell in love with the latest  Oribel Cocoon Delicious chair because it’s beautiful and functional. It was easy to assemble ( I assembled it with my 4 year-old son and whenever I share it on my Instagram stories I get messages about how chic it is. The tray is removable, and I can use the bottle/bowl holder instead while she’s still little for easy access to feed her. The chair comes in three different colors, my daughter has the Rose Meringue color which is really pretty. This chair is transitional so your baby can grow with it and use it into the toddler years.

Start with these foods.

As most of you know, this is my third baby, and I started all three kids with avocado, baby squash, bananas and sweet potatoes. I started all three of them between 4 and six months.

Monitor your for allergic reactions.

I started with mash veggies or fruits for a week just to be sure there were no allergic reactions. My older daughter has severe food allergies, so I’m extra careful with the baby at this point.

Download some baby food apps.

Once you’ve ruled out allergies, you can find some great recipes on Pinterest or baby food apps (yes, there are apps for that). The ones I am currently using are Baby Weaning and Recipes, Baby Led Weaning, and Kids Food Recipes for babies.

Purchase safe baby utensils.

I’m really careful about the utensils that I use to feed my baby. I’ve heard some horror stories so safety is a priority in our home. I love this eco-friendly bamboo set. This suction bowl is perfect for babies as I don’t have to worry about her knocking it off too the ground. Also, I got her a One in a Melon silicone bib thats easy to clean and adjustable, they’re all cute and go really well with her Oribel Cocoon Delicious chair.

What are your tips for introducing solids to baby?




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