Color Contacts Shenanigans


Let me take you back a bit, to an incident that always makes me laugh really hard at myself. I like to call this particular situation Color Contacts Shenanigans.

See one time while I was in college, I got invited to a classmate’s dinner party.  I wasn’t particularly close to the host and knew it was going to be a very intimate party but since my “friend” had a crush on him and really wanted someone to be there for moral support I decided to go.

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Since it was a Saturday I wanted to switch up my look from my daily style, I had just purchased a new head wrap that made me look like I had natural hair or locks which I really wanted at the time. Although, my hair was long and relaxed the head wrap gave the illusion of natural hair. Once, I had my head wrap on, I thought I would jazz up my look a bit with a pair of hazel contact lens I had laying around my apartment. Yes, typing this out I can see it’s a bad idea but back then it didn’t seem so bad. Add a long skirt and I looked like Miss Cleo’s daughter. Y’all remember Miss Cleo right? The fake Jamaican TV psychic.

Anyway, when my friend and I arrived at the party there wasn’t anyone there that we knew. It was just a few of his friends and relatives and a particular guy who was intrigued by my Ms. Cleo-esque look. I thought it was funny so I told him that I was actually a psychic which he quickly believed because well, my branding was on point.

To confirm my psychic powers, he asked me a few questions about himself and I managed to guess them correctly and then he started calling other folks over. In the middle of this Q & A, my eyes started feeling really dry so I excused myself to the bathroom to check up on my contacts.

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Ever saw something in the mirror and you stared at it so hard you just kind of hoped it wasn’t real? Well, that was me when I saw one side of my hazel contacts bent in half and hanging out in the corner of my eye.

Bastards! I thought to myself. No one didn’t even say anything to me.

I stared at my reflection for minutes in utter disbelief. I mean these people weren’t my friends but damn and what about my “friend” she must have seen it. That was the moment that I knew she wasn’t really my friend because what the hell?

Once I started to think about how to resolve this contacts malfunction, I started to laugh really hard. I couldn’t help myself. I laughed so hard that I cried. They must have really thought I was crazy between the contacts and the psychic abilities and me laughing. I laughed at the irony of me claiming to be a psychic but not being aware of my contacts hanging off of my own eyes. Obviously, I needed a fake career change.

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I felt so much more at ease and really happy once I got a good laugh in and I couldn’t wait to tell my real friends about this hilarious incident.

But first, I had to step back out of the bathroom into the dinner party and I decided to do what any fake Ms. Cleo who was busted would do. I pulled off my contacts and the head wrap and went back out of the bathroom as myself, Adanna. No one batted an eye and I just eased back into the dinner party as myself.

Moral of the story is always yourself even when you’re not sure of who yourself really is.

Have you ever been in a similar scenario?


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