Celebrating 3 Years Blogging in my LWD

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Do you know what this weekend is? It’s my blogaversary. My blogaversary.

Seriously, though, 3 years ago (actual date is September 6th) I started this blog on Labor Day weekend. I was chilling at home, nursing a chubby baby and trying to find blogs that really spoke to millennial moms like myself who were conscious about raising my kids and loved fashion, hence the name Rattles and Heels.  Basically, I was craving a community and instead of hoping to find one, I went ahead and created one.

Rattles and Heels-3-years-blogging

So much changed since then…that chubby baby is now about to start nursery school and my daughter is about to head to grade one. I would admit, I was nervous about sharing my little ones with the world but this community is so bright, loving and positive that I am happy I did.

blogging 3 years

In the past 3 years, I made mama friends something I struggled with as a millennial mom because I became a mom before most of my peers. I found other moms who were just like me, who got my jokes, understood my style and my parenting choices.  A few of you started emailing/messaging me and our friendships grew from there.  Just like that in 3 year, I made mama friends all over the world and that’s the biggest gain from this blog for me.


All week, I’ve been seeing a quote on social media that says “You will be too much for some people, those aren’t your people.” and I know that to be true. Tell you what, I’m happy and grateful y’all are my people, I really am. I want you to know that this community isn’t all about me, me, me. It’s about you too!


Anyway, enjoy your Labor Day weekend and I am excited to celebrate more blogaversaries with you! I took the opportunity to rock white one last time for the summer and of course it had to be a Little White Dress (LWD) and the sparkly sandals that I warned you ladies, I will wear for the rest of my life. 😉

If you’re digging my sunnies, they’re super cute, affordable and from Amazon (affiliate).

Drop a line below and let me know how long you’ve been part of Rattles and Heels! xo


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