Summer Playground Fun Must-Haves

Must-Haves For Summer Playground Play

This summer playground fun post is sponsored by Stride Rite. As usual, all opinions expressed are my own. 

The summer is playground season for our family, we take the kids to the playground daily and they always have a good time. We make the most out of it because in New York City our winters are long and harsh. Now, when I first started on this motherhood journey, I had no clue how prepared you need to be as a mom to take your kids to the playground. I figured all we need is some water and they’ll be fine. I can laugh at myself now because it’s so important to be prepared especially for playing in the sprinklers. I wanted to share a few must-haves for summer playground fun:

Must-Haves Summer Playground Play


Sure, you’re not going to the pool or the beach but your kids would still need swimwear especially if they’re going to be playing in the sprinklers at the playground. I usually have my kids wear their swimwear from home just so they can get right into playing when we arrive at the playground.

Water-resistant shoes

A shoe that your little ones can run through the sprinklers and then climb the monkey bars with is important. They wouldn’t be switching between shoes so they need a pair that would work for all the different types of activities they will get into at the playground. The Merrell Hydro Sandals from Stride Rite is perfect for this because they are very durable. My son’s been wearing them for about a week now and he’s even begged me to wear them to school (it’s against the uniform policy) but he can ride his bike with them, climb, run and I don’t have to worry about him too much as they feature M-Select GRIP so he has traction on rocky surfaces.

Playground must-haves

Besides going to the playground, he’s going to be wearing them to head to the beach, waterpark and swimming classes. I love that they are quick drying for water activities with a rubber toe guard to protect his little feet.


Change of clothing and underwear

Soon as my kids are finished playing, I like to change them immediately. To avoid infections or other issues, I dry them up with a towel and have them put on dry clothes and underwear. Some playgrounds in New York City, do not have changing rooms so I always walk with a mega towel that I can hold around them for privacy.

Light snacks and water

It’s summer so hydration is very important, I like to bring them cold water as well as light snacks like fruits, cereal or popcorn.

Merrell water resistant shoes

Water toys

The kids at our local playground love water balloons so I always make sure that I bring a bunch not just for my kids but to share with other kids they will meet there. You can always walk with super soakers and other water-friendly toys, just talk to your kids about the importance of playing with them safely and under your supervision.


I’ve been using sunscreen to protect my littles one’s skin since they were babies. Now, they’re old enough to put it on themselves and when I forget to give it to them, they remind me.

What are some of your summer playground fun must-haves?

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