What’s in my Skip+Hop Via Messenger diaper bag?

What’s in my Skip+Hop Via Messenger diaper bag?

Lately, I’ve been obsessing over my Skip+Hop Via Messenger diaper bag. Please don’t say it; I already know that obsessing over a diaper bag is all kinds of lame, but it’s just that awesome. You see as a mom; organization is the name of the game. The Via Messenger has 18 compartments. I must admit, that’s a lot, and it may seem intimidating for someone with ‘pregnant brain’ or ‘mommy brain’ to remember whats in 18 different compartments. But I will show you why it’s not that as bad as it sounds. The multitude of compartments works in your favor, trust me. Think of every time you have dug through a bag for your keys; you will never have to do that with this bag. Plus, If you consistently put the same items in the same spaces, it would become second nature to look for them there.

So let’s take a look at my bag:

Skip+Hop Bag


I decided to get the bag in red since it pretty much goes with everything, its gender neutral and it matches perfectly with my stroller. I love the fact that its wipe-able and can easily be cleaned with a wet cloth.

Stroller Clips

As you can see in the pictures, the diaper bag has stroller clips that allow it to be attached the stroller. This is a useful feature when you’re out shopping, so you don’t have to keep track of too many bags.

Largest Pocket

Inside the largest compartment, I always keep a receiving blanket, book, hat, and extra clothes. There are also four compartments in this space that I use to store diapers and wipes. There are two smaller mesh compartments in the corners (not shown) where I keep socks and mittens.

In this compartment, I also keep my Skip Hop Paci Egg (sold separately) which I absolutely love.

Paci Egg

Whenever I have a dirty pacifier I put it in the pocket at the back which is lined with antimicrobial which helps reduce odor-causing bacteria.

In the pocket at the very top of the bag, I store toys.

Toys Pocket

I keep all dirty bibs and soiled clothes in this compartment.

Soiled Clothing

In the personal pocket, you’ll my keys,iPhone,cash and lip balm.

Personal Belongings

The bag also came with a changing pad but I always keep disposable changing sheets so that the changing pad does not get dirty.

Changing Pad

That’s all folks! If you’re looking for a great bag that both you and your husband can use. I definitely recommend this one. My son is now 6 weeks old so these are all his needs for now but as he grows older I would be carrying more things and I may do an updated whats in my diaper bag post.

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