What to wear for Sibling Photos

What to wear for Sibling Photos

What to wear for sibling photos? That’s what I was asking myself for the past few days. One of the things on my summer bucket list was to take some sibling photos of my children and I finally did it this weekend. Truth be told, deciding what they should wear was the hardest part. I didn’t want their outfits to look forced and I wanted it to blend well with the environment.

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What to wear Sibling Photos

As far as I am concerned chambray and sequins are the new neutrals. So that’s what I went with, it’s pretty safe and looks great on both of them. I’m  really happy that they didn’t have the same denim wash because I think it gave their photo much more personality. Of course, the Princess Fairy needed a crown so she went with her gold flower crown (featured in her hair accessories lookbook).

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Oh and on another note, this is the first full picture of “Baby” on the blog, he just turned 13 months a few days ago. So let’s do a formal introduction. He goes by the name “Baby” because, well he’s the baby and that’s how my daughter refers to him. She actually calls him her baby. He began to walk at 10 months and loves to throw things into the toilet, sing “Wheels on the Bus”, eat and play with anything with wheels.

One thing that I admire about these two is that they always look out for each other and have a really strong bond. She remembers going to his see ultrasounds and this made her very excited to become a big sister. I never hid anything from her. She even counted contractions and rubbed my back when I went into labor. I think that’s why they’re so close.

Sibling Photos in Chambray Shirts

So you’re probably wondering why it took me this long to post a picture of him? When I started this blog (next week will be one year) he was just a few weeks old and I wasn’t comfortable posting his image the internet. Although, I posted pictures of my daughter I had not done so until she was over 3 years old. One part of me felt like it wasn’t fair to him to post his at only a few weeks. So, we made the choice as a family to wait until he turned one to post his pictures. However, I have posted pictures of him on Instagram (you should follow me there 🙂

So you’ve officially met “Baby” he does exist!


While we were taking these pictures, all he cared about was getting up and walking on the dirt and the grass, I don’t understand the dirt but I know grass feels good.

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Sibling photos

This a pretty cute look for first day back to school, right? Too bad, she’ll be wearing uniforms.

{Edited to add outfit details}

On the Princess Fairy:

Shirt: GapKids

Skirt: GapKids

Necklace: Oshkosh Kids

Booties: Zara

On Baby:

Shirt: Zara (Similar)

Pants: Zara (Similar)



What did your kids wear for siblings portraits?

When did you first post pictures of your kids on the internet?



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