The Elf On The Shelf Birthday Tradition

The Elf On The Shelf Birthday Tradition

The Elf On The Shelf Birthday Tradition

Sprinkling Birthday Magic is what this mama like to do!

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My children are young and so their birthdays are a HUGE deal! That’s right we getting turned all the way up to celebrate these single digit years. Baby just celebrated his first birthday and I’m still recovering from all that cake and ice cream. Within the next month the Princess Fairy will be four. Soon as Baby’s birthday went by I started to brainstorm ideas for her birthday, I want it to be more than just throwing her a party. Sprinkling birthday magic is about creating a nice warm fuzzy feeling in my little ones.  So this weekend, I was thrilled to learn more about the Elf on the shelf A birthday tradition. I was invited to an event at Dylan’s Candy Bar (who doesn’t love that place) and found the perfect way to sprinkle pixie dust on the Princess Fairy’s big day.

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Elf on the Shelf a family tradition

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If you’re not familiar with The Elf On The Shelf brand, it is based on a book and toy elf that snitches reports to Santa on your kids behavior. If they touch the elf, his magic goes away and Santa doesn’t get a report so that’s why he stays perched nice and high on a shelf watching their every move. According to the co-owner who passionately told us about it, the Christmas holiday product is so popular with families and loved by so many children that a birthday tradition was demanded.

So here’s how I’ll like to incorporate the Elf on the Shelf Birthday Tradition for the Princess Fairy birthday:

Birthday Traditon with Elf on the SHelf

  • We’ll start by counting down to her birthday with The Elf on The Shelf birthday countdown calendar. Hey, the build-up is usually as exciting as the day itself. My plan is to put it up next to our dinner table so every night after dinner she can move the cupcake to the number of days until her big day.
  • I’ve also signed her up to receive a special greeting from Santa Claus himself on her birthday. This is free and you should sign your kids up too 🙂
  • Of course, we’ll read the book a few hundred times because she loves reading.
  • Then we’ll make sure that the  Elf is formally invited to visit for her birthday. He get’s 24 hours to come hang. I imagine him asking Santa for a personal day.
  • He’s usually dressed for the Christmas holidays but his #ootd for the Princess Fairy birthday will be grand – a cupcake costume. This she’ll love, she’s a cupcake connoisseur.
  • On the day itself, she’ll have her chair tricked out so she can feel extra special using the chair decoration kit. Let’s just hope Baby doesn’t want to sit on it too (he will).
  • While we celebrate, we’ll flip that birthday calendar over and play the pin the candle on the cupcake game.
  • After the festivities we’ll say goodbye to the Elf and excitedly await his return for Christmas and then baby’s second birthday.

Birthday celebrating with elf on the shelf

Here’s what I love about this brand, they are really passionate about ensuring that kids have the full magical experience. Kids can contact the company and they play right along. I love that! You can also buy an elf that reflects your child or family preferences. The elves represent diverse physical features and there are both male and female elves.

Have you made Elf On The Shelf part of your family tradition?

{Although I was gifted Elf on the Shelf products, these are all mama bear’s opinions}

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