Spring Cleaning Checklist Printable

Spring Cleaning Checklist Printable
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Let’s start cleaning with this Spring Cleaning Checklist Printable!

Okay, so I have a confession! I am utterly obsessed with TikTok ASMR cleaning and organizing videos. I watch them every day, and they’re so satisfying. I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning (even broke my dishwasher in the process), but I’m excited to go with the seasons’ transition with some spring cleaning. 

I don’t know about you, but after spending so much time indoors for the last few months, I think we’re all looking for ways to freshen up our homes and do some spring cleaning. Living in New York, it’s felt like we’ve been hibernating since last November, and I’m excited to reinvigorate the energy of our home. Spring cleaning sometimes feels overwhelming, so to ensure you’re prepared and have a plan to keep things manageable, I created this spring cleaning checklist printable to use as a guide. 

You can use this printable custom to your needs; select the rooms you’re going to be working on and then mark them off as you go. I have covered just about every room in the home with tasks that will help us get our house in its cleanest state. You can use this printable to clean your home yourself, or if you’re hiring help or designating, you can give it to them, so they know exactly what you need them to do.

Click below to download your free spring cleaning checklist printable!

Spring Cleaning Checklist Printable

Scroll Down For Spring Cleaning Tips!

As promised before are a few spring cleaning tips that I hope will help you get the desired results! 

Focus on one thing at a time. 

Focus on one thing at a time, whether it’s one room or one task; make sure you’re spring cleaning intentionally and focusing on one thing at a time so you can do it effectively. For instance, yesterday, I focused on our linen closet, and I removed everything, wiped the shelves, swept and dusted, and then organized it. There have been times when I’ve started working on one thing and got sidetracked by doing laundry or simultaneously beginning to work on another space, and I ended up not doing it well or not finishing at all. You can’t multitask when spring cleaning unless you’re designating another area to someone else. 

Get help

That leads me to my second tip, get help especially if you’re tacking a large square footage. You can hire a house cleaner or ask your friends and family to help you out. Spring cleaning in our house requires work from everyone who lives here even my 4-year-old who loves using the Swiffer duster and helping us unload the dishwasher.

Move furniture to bring life to your space

When I was growing up my grandmother would rearrange her living room whenever she did spring cleaning. I loved when she did that because it felt like a different home, a different experience. Moving furniture can change the energy of a room, improve the aesthetics and more importantly you can clean spaces that we hidden.

Spring is all about bright and airy vibes so make sure you’re brining the energy of life into your home with fresh flowers and/or citrus like lemons, limes and oranges. You can also make floral arrangements that combine the two. As a Caribbean girl, I also use lemons for a lot of our cleaning. I also use them clean our garbage disposal, chopping boards and microwave. There is just something about lemon that makes me feel good.


This should be the first thing you do before you start cleaning. Declutter and determine what you want to keep, donate and throw away. If you have kids you will find that you need to do this more often in their closets as they grow out of clothes and accumulate new clothes very quickly.

Focus on organization systems for easier maintenance

If you have a lot of things that need to be cleaned in your home and you don’t have a lot of space, consider investing in some organization while you spring clean. Not only will this make your home feel better and more manageable. You will be better able to maintain a clean home. You can invest in under sink organizers, kitchen cabinets organization, closets, garage and more. See some of my recommendations below.

I hope you found this post and the spring cleaning checklist printable useful and you enjoy your spring. Drop a content below letting me know which room you plan to tackle first.

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