Mood Boosting Foods

Mood Boosting Foods

Are you ever in a super duper funk and just can’t even figure out why? If you’re like most other women (myself included) I am sure that your first inclination is to reach for food. After all, most of us hold a serious emotional connection to food. We eat when we are uncomfortable, anxious and overwhelmed. I’m not sure that I can completely put my fork down when I feel these emotions but I try my best to eat mood boosting foods that would not only give me a short-term high and then guilt like a cupcake but healthy food that would help me feel nourished and better.

Mood Boosting Foods
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1. Blueberries

I keep my refrigerator stocked with blueberries because they are good antioxidants and really yummy. I like to eat blueberries with my morning oatmeal or add to my salads. It’s also a really easy snack to take with me on the run.

2. Leafy Greens

I can’t say that I absolutely love to eat leafy greens when my mood is particularly bad but once I force myself to do so I feel much better. When it comes to leafy greens, it’s all discipline because I know it would help me feel good.

I’ve found that the more I eat healthy the better that I feel. Each time that I neglected to add leafy greens to my diet I started to experience bad moods more frequently. If you don’t enjoy eating raw greens you can make green smoothies or sauteed them.

3. Nuts

Since my daughter is allergic to nuts, I don’t keep them in our home and I rarely consume while away from her but nuts are excellent mood boosters. Prior to my daughter’s diagnosis, my snack of choice was raw almonds. They are calorie rich but very nutritious and a great snack to take around with you.

If you’re really cranky and irritable you will benefit from eating:

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Dark Chocolate Here’s My favorite





What are your favorite mood-boosting foods?

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