Fun Ways to Keep Big Kids Happy While Mom Cares for New Baby

Fun Ways to Keep Big Kids Happy While Mom Cares for New Baby

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I can’t believe that I am now a mom of  THREE kids! It’s fantastic having the baby here and she’s brought us so much joy in the short time she’s been here. Of course, she gets plenty of attention from all of us. My son is always checking on her to make sure she’s okay and her big sister loves holding her. I have to admit that I’m uneasy with one kid getting so much attention, since it’s really important to me that all of my children  feel loved  so I’ve been really proactive about doing things that would make my older kids happy with the new baby in our home. With so many of you in similar situations, I  wanted to share a few things that are working for me so far:

Designate Big Kids Bonding Time.

The baby seems to like to be up when her siblings get home from school so they could dote on her but after she gets her kisses and admiration I shift all of the attention over to them. We chat about their day at school, what they’ve been thinking about or share funny jokes. I’m no comedian but my son loves a good knock, knock joke and I like to cheat by finding new ones on the internet to share with him. If the weather permits, we head outside so they can ride their scooter around the block while I wear the baby.  They love showing off all of their skills to the baby, although she can’t understand what’s going on and they’ve both made promises to give her scooter lessons when she gets bigger.  

Fun Ways to Keep Big Kids Happy While Mom Cares for New Baby

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Fun Ways to Keep Big Kids Happy While Mom Cares for New Baby

Allow them to capture memories.

When we upgraded our camera this summer my daughter was gifted my very first DSLR camera. She’s been using it to take photos of the baby, as well as other family members interacting with the baby. Her brother uses his tablet and smartwatch to take photos and make videos with the baby as well. I think it’s really important for them to capture their own memories from their perspective with the baby and I love to see how much joy that brings them.

Celebrate them.

As I mentioned above, I like to spend some time learning what’s going on in my kids lives. We talk about their progress at school, friendships, projects they’re working on etc. Whenever my kids mention something that I think is worth celebrating like standing up for someone else, being kind, sharing or working to improve themselves in one way or another I love to shine the spotlight on them when we have dinner or any activity where the entire family is together. This is one of my secrets for getting attention off the baby and on the big kids even if it’s just for a few minutes.

I’m sure as the weeks and months go by I will learn more through experience on making the big kids happy while caring for the baby. If you’ve been there before I would love to hear what your family did in the comment section below.

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