Five Things to do with your Baby this Spring

Five Things to do with your Baby this Spring

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It may not feel like it yet here in New York City but it’s spring and since it’s my baby girl’s first spring I am excited. Since the flu season was so awful this year, we stayed indoors so much that I think even the baby has cabin fever and is ready to break out of our apartment. I know getting outside daily with her would be great for both of us. I have fond memories of my two older kids first spring, and I know hers will be just as amazing.

5 Things I plan to do with my Baby this Spring

Her wardrobe is already stocked up for her outings thanks to the Children’s Place BUNDLES BABY PLACE™ collection. Last week she received her first bundle and it includes a hoodie, a lion sleeve bodysuit, a short sleeve bodysuit and a pant which is perfect for laying up on spring days. What I love most about her bundle is I can mix and match the pieces, and the quality is excellent (I washed it before we took these photos). Children’s Place has been one of my favorite places to grab pretty play pieces for my kids since I came a mom over seven years ago and these new bundles make styling the baby very easy.  Along with her bundle, she received ten adorable soft bows that her older sister thinks are for her dolls (I had to hide them from her).  I plan to buy her a pick up a few more baby bundles for her spring activities, especially the Baby Girls Rainbow Stripe set.  Five Things to do with your Baby this Spring  Five Things to do with your Baby this Spring

Anyway, here are five things to do with your baby this spring, just in case you need some inspiration:

1. Playground swing for the first time.

At the top of my list is taking my little girl to the playground so she could get into the baby swing for the first time. I know she’s going to love it because she loves when I swing her through the air in my arms and all the movements when she’s in her Mamaroo. I have to wait until she’s sitting up and she has more neck control first though.

2. First trip to the zoo.

The spring is my favorite time to take my kids to the zoo as the weather is great for walking around and it’s not as crowded as during the summer months. I’ve tirelessly tried to show my older children animals at zoos while they ignored me as babies but did that mean we didn’t have a fun day? Nope, some of the best times.

3. Meet her sibling’s classmates.

Winter isn’t exactly the best season to introduce the baby to the older kids friends, but as the weather clears up she’s sure to meet her sibling’s friends, and I know that they’re going to be excited to see her in real life finally.

Five Things to do with your Baby this Spring

4. Make her first Easter basket.

A few years ago, I made my older daughter a fancy easter basket (you can see it here), and I’m feeling moved to make the baby one and share it here with you too. She’s little egg hunt, but I’m sure the big kids will be willing to help her.

5. Go to her first class.

She’s going to take her first class this spring, she’s starting swimming next month, and I plan to try a music class weekly or biweekly.


What do you plan to do with you baby this spring?

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