DIY Summer Body Scrub

DIY Summer Body Scrub
DIY Summer Body Scrub

Nothing like a good body scrub, in the summer time with so much more of our skin exposed. Besides my obsession with jojoba oil, I keep a jar of coconut oil handy in my bathroom for my hair and skin. One of the ways that I regularly use coconut oil is to make a body scrub. I enjoy the luxurious experience of doing a body scrub in the shower, to exfoliate dead skin so I can remove the dead layer and reveal my glowing new skin. I’ve also struggled with breakouts on my back during my two pregnancies. Last summer, I was pregnant and I noticed that my back acne decreased after using this DIY scrub. These are all reasons why I want to share this body scrub recipe with you. It’s very easy to make and the ingredients are accessible and so natural you can also use it on your children.

You’ll need to grab:

1 cup Coconut Oil

1/2 Lemon

3/4 Brown Sugar

Now Mix them all together really well!

There you have it! Didn’t I promise it’s an easy recipe and the lemon will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Your turn, share your favorite summer DIY body product with the Rattles and Heels community!




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