How to make a Floral Arrangement for Mother’s Day


How to make a floral arrangement for Mother’s Day! This submerged arrangement is very simple to make.


 Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a legit mommy’s girl. As an only child every year, I have the honor of planning Mother’s Day celebrations all by myself. It used to be the trio – my Grandma Sylvie, mommy and me. But with Grandma gone, it’s just us now. Mother’s Day falls in May and May has always been one of my favorite months because it’s also my mom’s birthday month. That’s another reason to make the celebrating even more special. What I never shared here before is that last Mother’s Day ended up bittersweet for my little family. The Princess Fairy was hospitalized that Friday and was released on Mother’s Day. The role of a mother doesn’t get clearer than being in the hospital with your 3-year-old but having your baby home healthy and well on Mother’s Day is a blessing. It made me really appreciate my own mom and all that she did and still does for me. More importantly, I was grateful that she kept The Super Knight happy and healthy while I cared for my daughter. The fact that I am always able to count on her and her strength as a mom and now grandmother made me really want to show her my appreciation. I am not always the best at showing how much she means to me but this year I want to ensure that she has the #BestMomsDayEver.


As a little girl, I would make her cards on the floor in my bedroom and color them way past my bedtime.  This year, I have the ready-made gifts and cards to make my job easier. My mom loves flowers, cards, and brunch. So I decided to make her a DIY submerged floral arrangement, gift it to her with a Mother’s Day card and invite her out to brunch with my little tribe. I know all of this will make her heart sparkle especially hanging with us *slightly kidding*. I’m no florist so I like to cheat a bit with submerged floral arrangements. I love submerged arrangements because even a non-florist like me can work some wonders. My 221-month-oldson, The Super Knight helped out so you know it’s easy. Plus they look great outdoors and my mom just can’t stay inside.

How to make a floral arrangement:

If you’re thinking about making one too, here’s how I did it:

You’ll need the following:


  • A vase. I used a cylinder style vase.
  • Fresh flowers.
  • Water


Style your flowers in vase as desired.


Add Water.


Voila! You’re done.


I wasn’t kidding when I said it was easy.


I found the perfect American Greeting Mother’s Day card in the Walmart “One-Stop Shop”. The words couldn’t be more appropriate, it was as if I wrote them myself.

The floral design complemented the submerged floral arrangement oh-so-well.



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