My Daughter’s Teachings

My Daughter’s Teachings

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I sincerely believe that my daughter selected me to be her mom so she could teach me about life and open me up to a different perspective.

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The Princess Fairy is a social butterfly and very charismatic. No matter where she goes, she makes friends easily. She’s a master at small chat and she never thinks twice about approaching another kid to introduce herself, something I am not always comfortable with. When she was a baby, she would go up to other kids at the playground which forced me to make small chat with their parents. #awkward

Lessons from my daughter

Now, whenever we go out she’s usually the first one dancing and she always pulls me out on the floor with her. While I have both introvert and extrovert qualities, I tend to be more reserved around people that I don’t know. Not her, she’s entirely too comfortable doing her thing and enjoying life to be bothered. I admire that!

Importance of living in the moment

Lately, she’s taken her teaching to a whole new level. It’s like I have a little Dr. Phil on my hands. She started asking “Mommy, are you happy or sad?” Most of the time I am “fine” just in the process of doing something. So my response would be “Well, I am happy but I am busy cleaning/making/getting…” This is usually met with a quizzical look.

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This week, we went for a walk and I guess my face seemed pretty serious so she asked “Mommy, are you happy or sad?” and I was about to reply “Happy but concerned that you’re going to fall if you keep running.” Before I could answer, I had an ah-ha moment. While I believe that I am happy, I am not truly embracing happiness because I am still failing to truly live in the moment. This isn’t exactly a new life lesson, I’ve even written about living in the moment in my birthday reflection blog post. But my baby girl put it into perspective and made it practical.

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To be truly in the moment all the time, I need to enjoy the process or the journey or whatever you want to call it because that’s the best part of our lives. Once we arrive at our desired destinations and we’ve met our goals we’re usually too focused on achieving the next goal to really enjoy what we’ve accomplished in that moment.

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 Do your children have different personalities from you?

What lessons have you learned from them?

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