Date Night DIY Ombre Wine Glasses #LoveOurVDay

Date Night DIY Ombre Wine Glasses #LoveOurVDay


One of my best friends just tied the knot and this is going to be her first Valentine’s Day as a Mrs. Woohoo! I love LOVE and I can’t stop my little nosy self from getting all up into their love life. They’re back from honeymoon but should it really end? Nah, I don’t think so. I’m no passion pro (although I like to think of myself as one) but I decided that I’ll gift them a Newlywed Valentine’s Day Basket. I’m talking stemless wine glasses, wine and to really spice things up.k-y-love

My girl is fancy, so I knew any old wine glasses wouldn’t of impressed her or her hubby. Plus, she just got a ton as wedding gifts. So, I purchased a bunch of stemless wine glasses and I decided to make her ombré wine glasses. She loves ombré and so do I. These were pretty easy to make and super cute. Here’s how I made them:

First you’ll need:

Indoor/Outdoor Glossy Spray paint (make sure it can be used on glass)
Stemless wine glasses
Lots of newspaper or old paper to protect your surfaces.
Rubbing alcohol


1. Wash and dry your glasses. Turn them upside down.

2. Stand away 6-12 inches.
3. Shake can and spray in a downward motion. I stood on a foot stool to do this.
4. Spray only a thin coat.
5. The paint would completely cover the bottom of the glass.
6. Allow glasses to dry for 1 hour.


Your result should look like this!



For safety, I avoided spraying the rim of the glass. You can tape the rim as an additional precaution. Once, the glasses were dried, I placed them in the Newlywed Date Night basket with  wine.



Are you going to make my DIY Ombré stemless wine glasses for Valentine’s?

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