Brooklyn Children’s Museum Exhibit More Than Meets The “I”




Now that my super baby AKA The Super Knight is growing up (He’ll be 15 months old this week) he’s stepping out more with mommy and enjoying everything that New York City has to offer children. Two weeks ago, we spent the evening at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum exhibit “More than meets the “I” for the press preview.


Upon arrival, I was a bit worried that he wouldn’t enjoy the exhibit since it was geared for older children and he was one of the youngest there. As an independent little guy, he surveyed the room, took in everything with just short of his five senses. No tasting here! Then he settled on building molecules. He seemed to really enjoy building them. So much so, he cried when I try to get him to move on. Maybe he’s destined to be a Molecular Biologist? Anyway, since this is what made him happy. We built together. Mostly him, but I gave him a hand. I thought this was a really cool way to teach kids about molecules.

Brooklyn-Museum-new-exhibitThis was also good for his developing fine motor skills.



Brooklyn-children-Museum I finally got him away from building molecules to work on balancing. The kids create a little town, all while trying to keep it balanced. I wanted to help him with this one, but he wouldn’t have it.


Then he discovered all the cars and all bets were off. Play time!


This little guy loves to cozy up and have us read him books at home,so it was only natural that he grabbed a book for me to read him on one of the couches from The Uni Project, a pop-up Brooklyn Public Library.


I think the pop-up library is a genius idea. It’s not only at the museum, you can find it in open air spaces throughout Brooklyn here.

He checked out the adjacent exhibit Collections Central, too.


He was really mesmerized by the protective head of on the front of this Amazon boat but he refused to get on it.


These were what lunch boxes looked like when mommy was a kid. We called them “lunch kits” in Grenada.



Before we left we had to learn all about 3D Printing which is also part of the More than meets the “I” exhibit. This blew my mind. You can print in 3D in any shape and on different metals. Now of course, they have special printers but isn’t that the coolest thing ever.

Overall, I thought that More than meets the “I” is a very thought provoking exhibit that presents many learning opportunities for kids of all ages. The exhibit will be at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum until January 15, 2015. Check out my review of the Brooklyn World Exhibit and general things all moms should know before visiting the museum here.

If you had the opportunity to print something in 3D what will it be?

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