Always Up For A Challenge


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My kids are always up for a challenge! Their motivation is simply to outdo each other, in everything they do. One flight of stairs, race. Walking from the car to the house, race. Going down the slide, race. Pack away toys, race. One of the first phrases my son said clearly was “Race ya!” and we’re constantly reminding them to be careful when they challenge each other. Yesterday was no different but The Princess Fairy was determined to win. Dressed like a winner in her sequin stars shirt and Lee skinny bootleg jeans which she described as “extra soft” she was up for a challenge. They wanted to go ride their bicycles through the park, a safe space since there is no traffic and they could enjoy riding. Soon as we got outside, The Super Knight challenged his sister “Race ya!” to which she responded: “I will win!” In was on.


He was ahead of her initially and as you can see she was not okay with that.


Then she got off to a nice start and he was behind so to seal the deal, she did something that I completely didn’t expect. She pulled out a new tactic, as my friend MJ of Fab Haute Mama (whose daughter also loves to win) put it, she used her “critical thinking skills” and yelled back at him “I just saw a bear in the bushes!”


Wow! I couldn’t help but laugh and I’m grateful Mr. Rattles is a much more serious parent than I am because  he immediately called her out on trying to scare her three-year-old brother.  The funniest thing about the whole situation is the little guy was so far behind us he didn’t even hear her and knew nothing about this fake bear in the bushes.


The Princess Fairy won but because we are fair parents we started another mini race and The Princess Fairy won again but since her dad had her stop before the make believe finish line her brother technically won. The Super Knight is not one to let even a small victory go to waste, those of you who saw my Snapchat or Instagram stories saw his celebration song “I won, I won! WooHoo!” all afternoon.  Good thing he didn’t see that bear in the bushes and The Princess Fairy wore her soft Lee jeans so she could move comfortably. By the way, is it me or is the woven belt on those jeans everything?  These jeans are very affordable and currently on sale so grab them here for your kids.



Are your kids always up for a challenge? What tactics do they use to win?


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