Tips to Help Kids Make Friends in Elementary School

Tips to Help Kids Make Friends in Elementary School

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Next week is the big week! My two older kids are going back to school after a long, fun summer. My daughter is going into the 4th grade, and my son will be going into the 1st grade. They’re both really excited but somewhat nervous. Although they’ve both attended this school since they were in preschool, they still end up making new friends every year when the classes shuffle. They always know a few of the kids, but sometimes the kids they’re closest to end up in another room. That’s why it’s always been important to me to ensure that they know how to make friends in elementary school. Here are a few tips I give them.

Tips to Help Kids Make Friends in Elementary School

Welcome new kids.

Tips to Help Kids Make Friends in Elementary School

I always encourage my kids to take the stress and nervousness off of themselves by thinking of others who are in a more stressful situation. If there are new kids in their class, I encourage them to welcome them and help to learn about the school, routine and help them with other kids names.

Share with others.

Both of my kids always say sharing is caring, and it’s true. Sharing with friends is a great way to let them know that you care about them. Sometimes the kids ask for extra snacks to bring for a friend and I’m always happy to give them one. That’s why I love the popchips 6 count variety pack because I have enough to send extras for their friends when they ask. popchips is one of my go-to snacks for them because it’s GMO-free, gluten-free, and has less than 130 calories.

I’m cautious about what the kids are eating at school because I know that nutrition directly impacts their educational experience. I focus on great tasting, healthy school snacks for them like popchips. The six-count pack comes with both barbeque and sea salt flavor; the kids are obsessed with the barbeque chips which has that great smoked tangy flavor minus the greasiness of other brands.

Discover common interests.

It’s easier to build a solid friendship with kids who have the same interests. Finding another kid who is also Spiderman fanatic or likes to decorate cupcakes can help kids to bond. I encourage my kids to take their time; sometimes, it takes a while to discover another kid has a lot in common with them. It’s no rush, and you can never have too many friends.

What tips do you share with your kids to help them make friends in elementary school?

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