Safety on the go with Britax Endeavours (VIDEO)

Safety on the go with Britax Endeavours (VIDEO)

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Listen, it’s only DAYS before baby gets here! I must admit that I am getting really excited. This week, we installed her car seat and I think that really made it feel real. The car seat is really important because it’s the one thing that we must have to leave the hospital with her. I’m looking forward to kissing her little arms and cheeks and staring at her sleep in her seat.  But the most important factors for me when selecting a car seat for her, we safety and convenience.

I remember our car seat with our first child, it was bulky, heavy and one time I had to take a taxi with it and I was seriously worried because it didn’t stay securely in place without the base so I was happy to discover that the Britax Endeavours infant car seat can be used safely with and without a base which is perfect for my lifestyle as a New York City mom getting around in my own vehicle, taxis or using ride-sharing apps.  It’s also one of the safest car seats on the market. Check out why I chose the Britax Endeavours in the video below! 

Learn all about the Britax Endeavours here. 

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