My Baby Girl Turns One: Let’s Eat Smash Cake!

Smash Cake Rattles and Heels Baby Smash Cake Rattles and Heels Baby

Smash Cake Rattles and Heels Baby Yesterday, on 11/11 my baby girl turned 1! If you’ve been following me since I announced my pregnancy you’re probably in disbelief too. This is easily the fastest a year has flown by. I can’t believe I’ve changed that many diapers and breastfed again for another entire year. Anyway, her birthday was quiet and beautiful. First birthdays are special, they’re symbolic of getting through the first year and in this case my first year as a mom of three. As you can tell from the photos we didn’t have a birthday party for her (although I flirted with the idea) but we did a small celebration at home with family. We made her confetti pancakes for breakfast, played with her new toys, went to her swimming class, and her siblings baked her smash cake while she napped. I thought having her siblings bake her a cake would be much more special than buying one, although I probably would have bought one if we were having a party or photo shoot.


Smash Cake Rattles and Heels Baby

She did not smash her cake!

About the smash cake though, she didn’t do any smashing! Actually, this is my third go-round with this smash cake business and none of my kids really seemed to want to ruin the cake the way I wanted them to. I kept encouraging her, trying to act out what she should do to the cake. She ignored me, dipped her fingers in a few tips and licked the frosting off. The little holes in the cake were the cutest though and we cut right around those and ate it. #NoShame

Smash Cake Rattles and Heels Baby

My favorite part of her birthday was watching her dance and try to sing along as we sang the Happy Birthday song. It’s so cute to see her little personality emerging and how she interacts with her siblings. Anyway, this week we will do the not-so-fun but equally important 12-month check-ups.

Did your babies smash their smash cakes?







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