Life Lessons I’m Teaching My Kids

Life Lessons I'm Teaching My Kids

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Ivory. The opinions and text are all mine.

Raising kids in the city means we’re always on the go and sometimes I worry with all the busy days, my kids may miss some very important life lessons, so I’m intentional about teaching them whenever I get the chance. Now, I’m an adult in my 30’s so I can look back at myself in my 20’s and teens and realize how little I knew about life and my naivety. Sometimes I think back to certain situations and cover my face in embarrassment for my younger self. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change anything but there are some hard lessons I had to learn on my own. I would rather my kids skip these lessons altogether. Since I have a close relationship them, I try to teach life lessons in an age-appropriate manner. I know the younger we have these conversations, the more prepared they would be for the “real world.” These are universal life lessons my children can benefit from learning and yours, too! So here are 5 important life lessons to teach children:


Perfection is unattainable.

I’ve been intentional about setting high standards for my little ones. I believe it’s important for them to strive to do THEIR best and there is no cap on that. That said, I’m supportive and never push them to do anything they’re not interested in or makes them unhappy. I believe my role as their mom is to support their dreams and when they need me.

Life Lessons I'm Teaching My Kids

Stick to pure products especially for skin care I’m still trying to crack the code to consistently eating foods with pure ingredients. I think we’re mostly there but it’s tough to break old habits. Fortunately, I’m raising them with natural hair and grew up using pure products like Ivory which is 99.44 percent pure. I like to joke that Ivory is “old school” popular but “new school” conscious with 138 years as “The Original Gentle Family Brand.” I have peace of mind knowing certain Ivory products are free of heavy perfumes, dyes, and parabens. As I shared last year, my grandmother introduced me to Ivory as a child and I’m happy to keep it in the family.

Life Lessons I'm Teaching My Kids

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Respond don’t react.

In the past, I would become overwhelmed the minute I faced an issue and would find myself always reacting, and, in some cases, overreacting. I rather my kids learn this very young because staying in control, thinking and not responding emotionally really helps us make solid decisions.

Life Lessons I'm Teaching My Kids

Quality time with family is not negotiable.

I have my personal values system and my family is at the top. Whenever I make decisions, my family is considered above anything else. These days, the kids seem to prefer talking with me over playing games or watching movies. So, you can find us enjoying the fairer weather in New York while going for long walks and talking each other’s ears off. Those are my favorite times lately and I wouldn’t dare watch my phone or take my attention away from them.

Consistency leads to success.

My first encounter with the word “success” was a huge sign in my elementary school which was hung above one of the doors. The sign said, “Success comes to those who work hard for it.” I grew up blindly believing the saying, however, life taught me it takes more than hard work, it takes consistency and grit, an important lesson I am teaching my children. These are the five lessons I’m currently teaching my children. I’m sure that as I grow older and wiser and life teaches more lessons, I will have more to teach them.

What are some life lessons you believe are important for children to learn?

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