Four Ways To Become A Happier Mom in 2019

Four Ways To Become A Happier Mom in 2019

Aye! It’s 2019 and we’re all ready to be better and happier than ever. Am I right?  By now, most of us know that we have to do a little groundwork to become happier than we are. We need to do things to inspire that good, good feeling in our chest. It doesn’t just magically happen although I’m sure we can all agree that would be incredible. I wanted to share a few things, that’s helped me over the years to become a happier mom. I’m still on my journey as you are, but I found these really worked and so I had to share:

Four Ways To Become A Happier Mom in 2019

Chase your dreams.

Don’t let your dreams fall along the wayside because you’re a mom now.  I don’t care how many kids you have, you have to chase your dreams. You want to go back to medical school, do it! You want to get your real estate license, open a beauty salon, start a business, write a blog, or move to China. You can still make those dreams happen. I had my first daughter while I was pursuing my master’s degree, sure it was tough, but it felt so god to graduate with my 9-month-old watching.  I did papers while she played in her jumperoo (remember those) and when she napped. It was hard but guess what, I did it, so I know that you can too. Know that if you don’t go after your dreams because you’re a parent, your kids will always know and feel you not being your very best and that’s not inspiring, so you have to find a way. There is a solution to every problem. It’s true that where there is a will, there is a way. You can do it!

Four Ways To Become A Happier Mom in 2019

Work on Yourself.

We all have issues that we need to work through. Mine is terrible anxiety that can be crippling on some days, you know best what yours is. It might seem tough but take small steps to work through whatever you’re struggling with. You can attempt to do it alone but it’s better if you get a support system, find a therapist and develop a wellness routine for your needs. This work is for you first of all but also for your family, our children deserve for us to heal ourselves so that they can get the best from us.

Spend quality time away from your kids.

I am guilty of spending every breathing moment with my children. I love spending time with them, they make me laugh, they’re the coolest people but when I find myself losing patience easily, I know that I need to spend quality time away from them. Going off and doing things that I truly enjoy and spending time with people who I love and enjoy being around really makes me feel good. So many times, they beg me not to leave them to go out, but  I return I am lighter, happier, free and I can think much more clearly. When I am happy, so are my kids and this year I am a bit more confident about leaving them to seek my own happiness because I know, it will make me an amazing mother. Think about doing the things that light you up, and step away even if you can’t do so often this year.

Four Ways To Become A Happier Mom in 2019

Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is the secret to happiness! A grateful heart turns a frown into a smile. It stops you from complaining and redirecting that complaint into a compliment. It helps you to see the positive in the most negative situations. Practicing gratitude will make you a happier mom in 2019. If you want to get yourself into the habit of gratitude, try the book The Magic, after working through this book for the first time in 2013, I changed my perspective and started to appreciate small things I took for granted and people in my life that I took for granted. If you haven’t read it yet, you should try it. It’s 28 days and by the end, your perspective will naturally shift.

Four Ways to Be a Happier Mom in 2019

Let me know how you intend to find more happiness in 2019 below. 

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