Bloom That Self-Love

Aldo Luzzena

Valentine’s Day is next week y’all!

Most of us like to be showered with love on V-Day or like to shower our loved ones but what about ourselves? Shouldn’t we be numero uno on that love list? I have to admit that I can’t seem to remember doing anything special for myself for Valentine’s Day….ever.I can share lists of what I’ve done for other people but I can’t recall anything I’ve done just in the name of self-love. Well, I’m changing that, this year I’m all going to be celebrating who I am and who I am becoming.

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Bloom That Self LOve

As a woman, self-love requires me to constantly fight to keep my belief system in check, to remain true to my values and to have a loving inner voice. Earlier, I was reading an interview of Queen Latifah in the latest Instyle magazine issue and she said, “Coming home to yourself might not always feel like the best place, but it’s you and you got to embrace that.” I believe that self-love is embracing who you are, at the highest level.

Anyway, I wanted to share a few things you can do to  BloomThat self-love this Valentine’s Day:

1. Accept Compliments

Many of us have a really hard time accepting a compliment especially if it’s a very meaningful one. I think that’s because we don’t love ourselves enough to believe that we truly deserve praise and attention. We downgrade our talents and fail to acknowledge achievements even when we worked really hard to accomplish them.

Next time you’re tempted to not accept a compliment, step outside of yourself and look at it this way, if a friend was receiving a compliment in your presence, you would be upset if your friend tries to shrink and diminish her light because she doesn’t want to accept the compliment. You may even join in with the person giving the compliment.

So be your own best friend and accept compliments, you can still be humble and yourself but you don’t have to step out of your greatness.

2. Make Independent Decisions

One of the most loving things you could do is to make decisions about yourself, for yourself. You have everything you need, your gut and your first-hand knowledge. The absolute worst decision I’ve made in my life was based on me taking bad advice and I’ve over the years noted that the reason I made that awful mistake was because I didn’t have enough self-love to go with what I knew, was the right decision.

It’s very tempting to get the opinion of others when making decisions regardless of how minor the decision is.  But it’s best if you make your decisions yourself because you know your truth, your heart, your dreams, emotions, and situation better than anyone else in the world so trust yourself to make decisions.


3. Create a Happiness Manifesto

Write down all the things that really make you happy. Part of self-love is making sure that you’re happy. My manifesto includes having precious me time, the Caribbean Sea, long walks and pretty blooms.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that yesterday I received gorgeous a gorgeous bouquet from BloomThat.  If you’re not familiar with BloomThat yet, it’s what every millennial mama needs, you can easily order from their site or app.  Their flowers are perfection and smell really amazing. My bouquet is from their curated Valentine’s Day collection and called The Clementine, it’s really gorgeous, check it out here. I love that the collection doesn’t have a cheesy typical Valentine’s Day bouquets but styles modern women would appreciate.

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4. Stop Judging Yourself

We all make mistakes, it’s an inevitable part of life but becomes a problem when we carry those mistakes everywhere with us. We let those mistakes weigh so heavily on us that people in our presence feel it in our energy. It’s not very loving to not forgive ourselves, so let go of big or small things in the past and love yourself for who you are today.

How do you express self-love?

I partnered with BloomThat for this post. As usual, all opinions expressed we my own. 


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