Best Wooden Toys for Kids

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As a mom, I’ve seen a lot of toys circulate in my home. I’ve noticed that some toys stand the test of time while others don’t. I’ve noticed that a lot of those are wooden toys. While wooden toys do not always have the same appeal as some of the holidays’ hottest toys, they’re usually made of better quality and are a good investment for families. As the holiday season nears, I wanted to share this gift guide with the best wooden toys for kids. I shared options from different online retailers so you can take advantage of any sales and deals within the upcoming weeks.

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Wooden toys for Toddlers

Wooden Rainbow Stacking Game

If you look around any Montessori classroom, the chances of you finding this wooden rainbow stacking game are very high- and for a good reason. The vibrant colors will draw any child in for playing, and its unique shape helps kids’ imagination to soar and helps them develop their engineering skills through the hundreds of builds that this toy can create.

Wooden Blocks Set

For generations, parents have been keeping toddlers engaged and happy with wooden blocks. I think we all have fond memories of creating with them during our childhood. These sets are fantastic for imaginative play as well as to encourage independent or collaborative play. Like the rainbow stacking game above, this set has bright, vibrant colors that make them even more fun and attractive to toddlers. Some of these wooden blocks sets are also magnetic.

Wooden Shape Sorting & Stacking Toy

This shape sorting and stacking toy is the perfect educational gift for toddlers. They can learn color recognition and shapes and gain basic knowledge of geometry through play with this toy. 

Wooden toys for Preschoolers

Wooden Sensory Bin Tools

Sensory bins are great for open-ended play for preschoolers in the classroom or at home. They help preschoolers develop and perfect for learning through play. A wooden sensory bin tools set is a beautiful gift for kids. You can just about any container as a sensory bin, but it’s great to have the tools to facilitate play.

Montessori Screw Driver Board for Preschoolers

One of my kids’ past teachers suggested the Montessori Screw Driver Board as an excellent gift to strengthen kids’ hands for writing while they’re having fun. It’s such a cute toy yet very practical and useful for their developmental skills.

Wooden Lacing Beads

Another classic that many of us played with as children! Wooden lacing beads are perfect for helping little hands develop fine motor skills and help your kids focus. 

Wooden Clocks for kids

My two older kids both learned to tell the time with these wooden clocks. They’re an excellent way for kids to learn and to play.

All About today

With many of us parents opting to delay preschool this year because of the pandemic, we can bring preschool home to our little ones by investing in a toy like the All About Today.

You can use it to help your preschooler learn about the days of the week, weather, seasons, and time. 

I hope you found some great gift ideas for the kids on your nice list this year. Check out other gift guides here.

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