Behind The Scenes at ESSENCE Eats


I’m going to tell you a little story that you probably wouldn’t believe I didn’t have photos and a video. See, about one month ago I had the pleasure — and I mean absolute pleasure — of partnering with ESSENCE for their ESSENCE Eats video series hosted by the incredible chef, #MominHeels and cool chick Lorraine Pascal.


In the episode, Lorraine shared her glam mac and cheese recipe which is basically a healthier yet just as delicious version of the one your auntie makes. I wanted to share some behind the scenes photos and a bit about my experience on the set with you guys.


First, let’s chat about Lorraine! She is one of those people who you love the minute you meet them. Not only is she gorgeous (she’s a model) but she has an infectious energy and warmth that makes you feel very familiar. Although the cameras were rolling, I felt like I was hanging out at an old friend’s home.


As many of you know, I am serious about making sure that my children eat healthy balanced meals. I shared my journey as a young mom from the Caribbean figuring out how to find the best ways to feed them veggies in the big city earlier this year.  The recipe Lorraine shared is perfect for our family; my daughter LOVES spinach and my son loves mac and cheese.  The combination of the two is ideal and I can’t wait to try it over the holidays for my family.

I’m really grateful that ESSENCE invited me to participate in this web series, I’ve been a big fan of the way ESSENCE celebrates black women since I was a tween and I will forever cherish this experience.


As for making videos, I felt really comfortable on set and I loved being able to share a bit more about myself. I am looking forward to doing more videos and similar projects in 2016. Take a look at the video and be sure to share it with all of your friends who are moms.

Are you going to try this Mac and Cheese recipe?

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