Always Wear Your Flower Crown

Always Wear Your Flower Crown

My latest video features some of my daughters current favorite hair accessories. One of the major Spring 2014 trends featured in the video is flower crowns.

flower crown

Flowers crowns are fresh and modern making them fantastic to add a bit of nature to your look. They’re not just for kids though, this is one of the styles that adults wouldn’t look ridiculous rocking. Many of the major fashion retailers offer flower crowns that are marketed for adults this season.

This is the perfect accessory to complement a bohemian inspired outfit and to wear to the beach, a music festival, wedding or baby shower. Since we here at Rattles and Heels  live by the rule that a lady should always wear her crown. Here are some beautiful flower crowns for you to wear regally.

Flower Crowns

Don’t be scared to experiment with wearing your flower crown in different styles. You can wear it several different ways including along hairline, on the crown of your head, backwards with the flowers at the back,or as part of a vintage hair roll. Don’t be afraid to just be bold, confident and have fun with it.

If you don’t want to shell out cash for a flower crown, a DIY one is only a few fake flowers, a ribbon and a hot gun away.

What do you think about the flower crown trend?

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